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Sources say Compal will go to India to build a factory and is expected to evaluate the location next year.

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! According to news on December 12, China's Taiwan Economic Daily reported that Compal computer, one of the five electronic contract manufacturers, will cooperate with customers to build a factory in India, mainly producing electronic communication equipment. It remains to be seen whether the follow-up PC and other product lines will follow up. At present, only Yingyeda has no plans to build a factory in India ( Note: Quanta, Weichuang, Pegatron, Compal and Yingye Dahe are referred to as the fifth brother of electronic foundry).

At present, Renbao has two major product groups, such as computers and smart devices, including smart phone OEM and smartwatch and headset AR/MR devices, as well as Bluetooth speakers and 5G communication products.

The report pointed out that Compal has been very active in the layout of communications business in recent years, setting up a satellite division in addition to the 5G laboratory, hoping to achieve the goal of accounting for 50% of revenue from computer and non-computer businesses.

According to supply chain information, in order to meet customer demand, Compal has gradually dispersed its production capacity to places such as Vietnam, in addition to its main production at the Kunshan plant, and the supply chain will also transfer delivery points. At present, most of the production capacity in the first half of 2024 will be opened in Vietnam.

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