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Apple iOS / iPadOS 17.3developer preview release of Beta: introduction of device theft protection, collaborative playlist

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Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery of hedgehog against the rain! [click here to download the description file], December 13 (Xinhua)-- Apple today launched a developer preview Beta update of iOS 17.3 (internal version: 21D5026f) to iPhone users, 14 days after its last release.

Apple released the first Beta update of iOS / iPadOS 17.3 today after yesterday's release of the official version of iOS / iPadOS 17.2.

Earlier this year, Joana Joanna Stern and Nicole Nguyen of the Wall Street Journal reported on thieves monitoring victims' iPhone passwords before stealing the device, usually in public places such as bars.

The thief can then reset the victim's Apple ID password, turn off "find", "check the bank and email account passwords stored in the iCloud keychain", and so on. All in all, the report says thieves can basically "steal your entire digital life".

The first Beta update of iOS / iPadOS 17.3 introduces the "device theft protection" (Stolen Device Protection) feature, which allows users to restrict access to your private information once they discover that their device has been stolen.

After this feature is enabled, you can access the password in the iCloud keychain, turn off the lost mode, and purchase through Safari using the stored payment vouchers, which need to be authenticated through Face ID or Touch ID.

Face ID or touch ID authentication is required to enable this feature: view / use the password or pass key stored in the iCloud keychain

Apply for a new Apple Card

View Apple Card virtual card

Turn off lost mode

Delete all content and settings

Perform some Apple Cash and Savings operations in Wallet

Use the payment method stored in the Safari browser

Set the iPhone in hand as the new device

Changing the Apple ID password, iPhone password, turning off "find" and turning off Face ID and other functions need to complete the authentication 1 hour after the operation.

An operation that needs to be delayed by an hour after this feature is enabled: change the Apple ID password

Update some Apple ID account security settings, including adding or removing trusted devices, trusted phone numbers, restoring keys, or restoring contacts

Change the iPhone password

Add or remove Face ID or Touch ID

Close "Find My"

Turn off the "device theft protection" function

Apple Music Collaborative Playlist Apple announced the Collaborative Playlist feature before the release of iOS 17, but it didn't appear in the official version, and after a period of testing, Apple finally introduced it in iOS 17.

After users open the Apple Music app, create a new playlist or select an existing playlist, they can click on a small humanoid icon to enable collaboration. Selecting this option will pop up a link that everyone else can click to participate in the collaboration.

People who initiate collaboration can choose to approve those who ask to add songs, but this feature is not enabled by default. Anyone who knows the playlist link can add music, but the owner can turn off collaboration or remove people at any time.

How do I upgrade the iOS / iPadOS / watchOS / macOS development version?

To upgrade the iOS / iPad OS 17 developer preview version, please refer to the experience shared by family and friends: experience post 1 | experience post 2 | experience post 3 | | experience post 4.

From iOS / iPadOS 16.4 developer preview version Beta 1, you need to register for the Apple developer program. After registration, open the system * * Settings * * and * * Software updates * * to see the upgrade options. Note that your iPhone or iPad must be logged in using the same Apple ID you used when registering Apple Developer Program to see the upgrade option in the settings.

In future iOS and iPadOS versions, this new setting will be a way to enable the developer preview version, and the configuration description file will no longer grant access.

How to upgrade iOS / iPadOS / watchOS / macOS public beta version? You only need to download and install the [description file] to detect the public beta upgrade in the system update. The description file can be downloaded by:

Method 1: follow Wechat official account (click here to enter), send a message [description file] or [Apple] to get an automatic reply download link. As shown in the following figure:

Method 2: open the CTOnews.comiOS client (click here to download), click [find] → [Apple description File] to find the download link. As shown in the following figure:

Method 3: go to Apple iOS description file download Daquan-full use strategy: play beta / limited upgrade. Must-have download.

It should be noted that due to the cache configuration problem of Apple node servers in various regions, the upgrade and update time may be slightly delayed in some places, usually within half an hour, not too long.

Apple iOS history firmware download collection: "Apple iOS / iPadOS / macOS firmware download / update log collection"

Attached iOS / iPadOS 17 release history: 2023-12-06:iOS 17.2 Release Candidate (21C62)

2023-12-01:iOS 17.1.2 (21B101)

2023-11-29:iOS 17.2 Beta 4 (21C5054b)

2023-11-15:iOS 17.2 Beta 3 (21C5046c)

2023-11-10:iOS 17.2 Beta 2 (21C5040g)

2023-11-08:iOS 17.1.1 (21B91)

2023-10-27:iOS 17.2 Beta (21C5029g)

2023-10-18:iOS 17.1 Release Candiate (21B74)

2023-10-11:iOS 17.1 Beta 3 (21B5066a)

2023-10-05:iOS 17.0.3 (21A360)

2023-10-04:iOS 17.1 Beta 2 (21B5056e)

2023-09-28:iOS 17.1 Beta (21B5045h)

2023-09-23:iOS 17.0.2 (21A350)

2023-09-22:iOS 17.0.1 (21A340)

2023-09-13:iOS 17 Release Candidate (21A329)

2023-08-30:iOS 17 Beta 8 (21A5326a)

2023-08-23:iOS 17 Beta 7 (21A5319a)

2023-08-16:iOS 17 Beta 6 (21A5312c)

2023-08-09:iOS 17 Beta 5 (21A5303d)

2023-07-26:iOS 17 Beta 4 (21A5291h)

2023-07-06:iOS 17 Beta 3 (21A5277h)

2023-06-22:iOS 17 Beta 2 (21A5268h)

2023-06-06:iOS 17 Beta (21A5248v)

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