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Glory Magic5 Pro model push MagicOS 8.0 internal test log version: pre-installed Google Play service framework, etc.

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Thanks to netizens Mr, Su, MyShine, Xiaoyi, for their clue delivery! news on December 13, according to netizens' feedback, Glory Magic5 Pro model has now launched MagicOS 8.0 internal test log version, version number is, installation package size is 4.52GB.

Updates are attached to

Human-computer interaction fluency: click on the desktop card to jump to the application to support animation can interrupt the effect.

Custom stacked cards: cards of the same size are stacked by manual dragging, and the cards can be scanned up and down after stacking.

Smart service YOYO suggestion-taxi travel: dynamically display taxi order information.

YOYO suggestion-Wisdom capsule: YOYO suggestion card can be put away to show the capsule status, click on the capsule to restore to the card.

Basic experience Google Play service: pre-installed Google service framework, so that users can use Google-related applications and services, such as maps, taxis, email, social networking, etc., when traveling abroad, studying abroad or on business trips.

Flow calibration: support flow calibration function.

Storage upgrade: increase the available storage space of the device through file compression technology, which can be operated by system butler-> cleaning acceleration-> storage space compression.

Super power saving: turn on super power saving, which can greatly improve the battery life of the mobile phone. In the scenario where the battery is extremely low, users can perform the last few key operations.

System applications: application market, browser, game butler (formerly App Assistant), etc., switched to Honor and partners. Add Glory Game Center, Glory Video, Glory Music, Glory Reading, Welcome experience.

Privacy security mask unlock: the user can also unlock the phone normally when wearing the mask.

Parallel space: users can hide photos, videos and applications in the parallel space, separate from the main space, and run in the two spaces at the same time, focusing on protecting the privacy and security of users.

Media create AI to generate music: intelligently generate appropriate background music for users' recollection videos according to the video content.

Camera: the mode in the camera supports sorting adjustment, and the commonly used camera function settings can be moved to the shallow-level functional area for faster operation.

▲ Image Source Glory official website Glory said that due to the incompatibility of some third-party applications with MagicOS 8.0, third-party applications may not be able to use properly after the update (such as flashback, stutter, power consumption, etc.). It is recommended that users try to update the application to the latest version in the application market. if the problem cannot be solved, users should wait patiently for the application update information and update it in a timely manner.

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