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Microsoft issued that the performance of the Phi-2 AI model with 2.7 billion parameters is better than that of Google's Gemini Nano-2 with 3.2 billion parameters.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13, Microsoft issued a press release today, saying that its Phi-2 2.7B model is better than Google's Gemini Nano-2 3.2B in many ways.

Phi-2 2.7B model reported in November that Microsoft announced Phi-2 with 2.7 billion parameters at the Ignite 2023 conference, with a significant improvement in performance compared to previous versions.

Microsoft released Phi-1 in June this year, with only 1.3 billion parameters, suitable for QA Q & A, chat format and code scenarios. The model is trained entirely based on high-quality data and performs 10 times better than similar models in benchmark tests.

Microsoft released an updated Phi-1.5 version in September, also with 1.3 billion parameters, which can write poems, e-mails and stories, as well as summary texts. In the benchmarking of common sense, language understanding, and reasoning, the model can keep up with models with up to 10 billion parameters in some areas.

Microsoft's updated Phi-2 now has 2.7 billion parameters, which is twice the size of the previous version, but it is still much smaller than other mainstream language models.

Microsoft says Phi-2 has shown significant improvements in logical reasoning and security. With the right fine tuning and customization, small language models are powerful tools for cloud and edge applications.

Google Gemini Nano-2 3.2BGemini Nano is a version of the model built specifically to run locally on small devices. The latest version 2.0, with 3.2 billion parameters, will be the first to be equipped with the Pixel 8 Pro model.

In the recording scene, select the recording file and click the "Transcript" tab, and then click the "summary" button at the top. The App will generate several key points related to the recording content.

In the Gboard input method, Gemini Nano will achieve "conversation-conscious high-quality responses", of which WhatsApp will be the first App to support intelligent responses, and other App will be supported next year.

Comparing Microsoft's latest blog post, comparing Phi-2 model with Google's Gemini Nano-2 model, it shows that Phi-2 is better than Gemini Nano-2 model in many aspects.

Microsoft has also compared its Phi-2 performance to Llama-2 with 7 billion parameters and 13 billion parameters, as well as Mistral with 7 billion parameters.

The official blog address of Microsoft is attached to, which can be read in depth by interested users.

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