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Tesla shows the second generation of humanoid robots in Optimus: speed increases by 30% and body control is stronger.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. According to news on December 13, Tesla CEO Musk today released the latest video of Optimus Gen 2, a new generation prototype of his humanoid robot Optimus, which reveals that the second generation of Optimus robots will be released in December 2023. Compared with the previous generation, Optimus Gen 2 has been significantly improved in all aspects. notes that improvements to Optimus Gen 2 include:

All actuators and sensors independently designed and manufactured by Tesla are adopted.

The overall design is more elaborate.

Walking speed increased by 30%

The weight has been reduced by 10 kilograms, while the sense of balance and body control have been improved. the video shows him doing squats.

Equipped with brand-new hands, it can grasp heavier objects and operate more finely.

Tesla said that Optimus Gen 2 will first be used in its manufacturing plant, and once its practicality is verified, the company will start selling the robot. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously said that Optimus was seriously undervalued and that its demand could reach 10 billion to 20 billion units, and "confidently predicted" that Optimus would account for most of Tesla's long-term value.

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