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Demonstrating the hard strength of attack and defense, Weibo won three honors of "Operation Rock" in 2023.

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Recently, the Shanghai Communications Administration announced a list of outstanding units and individuals engaged in network security attack and defense activities in the field of industry and information technology in Shanghai in 2023. With its strong technical strength and outstanding achievements, the micro-step online attack team was awarded three honors: "Outstanding Red team", "Outstanding Achievement Award" and "Outstanding individual".

The 2023 "Rock Operation" was jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Communications Administration, the Municipal Committee of Economic Information, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Education Commission and the Changxing Island Management Committee, bringing together more than 50 top attack teams from the country. And 160 defense teams from Shanghai network infrastructure, Internet, car networking and industrial Internet enterprises Among them, there is no lack of blue teams of well-known Internet enterprises, such as Bao, Miha you, Little Red Book, bilibili, Ctrip and so on.

In order to get closer to the actual combat, this year's "Operation Rock" set up a "blind box unlock" competition for the first time. Seven days before the attack and defense exercise, each attack team can attack its own group target. After attacking any defensive team within an elite group and scoring, apply to the referee team to unlock a new attack group target, and the group number is determined by the attack team itself. In this new competition system, the micro-step online attack team achieved outstanding results and became the only red team to unlock all the blue target groups in the game.

The essence of network security lies in confrontation, and the essence of confrontation lies in the ability of attack and defense. The 10-day "Rock Operation" network security exercise not only tested the network and data security risks in Shanghai in an all-round way, enhanced network security awareness and United network security, but also further demonstrated the rich experience and strong strength accumulated by the micro-step online attack team (red team) in actual combat for many years.

The micro-step red team is composed of red team experts with rich experience in front-line operations, and has a two-way view of attack and defense. The team capability covers the whole attack life cycle such as vertical cut-in, horizontal movement and authority maintenance, has rich experience in AV / EDR / NDR / HIDS / NIDS confrontation, and has created many classic cases in real-network attack and defense exercises. The team won the second place in the real network attack and defense exercise in Beijing in 2022, the second place in the real network attack and defense exercise in Beijing Network Information Office in 2022, and the first place in Jiangsu Province in 2023.

In addition to attack and defense drills, in order to help enterprises improve their network security protection capabilities in complex and changeable network attacks and defenses, and explore and locate the "last deficiency", the Micro-step Red team has also launched special services, including extortion drills, red team evaluation and fishing drills, to comprehensively help enterprises improve the level of safety and combat.

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