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Take a look at the comic book's first homemade drama, "unlovable TA", which starts, leading a new wave of film and television craze.

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Recently, the online drama of the same name adapted from the cartoon "unlovable TA" was officially launched on December 10. Directed by powerful director Shi Lei, as well as the new generation of actors Zheng Jing, Deng Ziming, Huang Tingting and Qin Fen joined.

The unlovable TA is a love-themed healing cartoon, which mainly tells the love story of Xia Enron, the heroine who no longer believes in love because she was betrayed by her fiance, and Lin Hao, a six-year-old childhood hero Lin Hao, who overcame the haze of the past and finally went hand in hand. Its author zero and the original cartoon are very popular on the quick view platform, and the cartoon has the attention of 3.53 million people. This cartoon has won the love of a large number of readers for its unique painting style, rich character setting and deep-rooted emotional expression. The adaptation into a TV series has also made many comic book fans look forward to it.

Director Shi Lei was a suspense detective online drama "S.C.I." The director of the series of riddles, and won the award of "excellent online drama director of 2018" in the third Jinguo online Film and Television Festival. The new generation of actors Zheng Jing, Deng Ziming, Huang Tingting and Qin Fen will undoubtedly add a lot of color to the film.

Fast as a leading comic platform in China, has been committed to providing readers with high-quality comic works, not only has a profound accumulation in the field of comics, but also attracted much attention by virtue of its strong content incubation ability. Before that, it was announced in May that the first batch of homemade animations "Super Cube" and "the Little annoyance of the Magic Princess" will be released one after another. These animation works are the result of the long-term investment and polishing of the quick look platform, and it is also the first formal meeting between the self-made fine animation and the audience under the popular style strategy, which proves that quick look has a strong self-control ability.

And "unlovable TA" is the first time Kuaiwang has set foot in the field of homemade drama, and it is also an important step in its continuous attempt to innovate and break through. It not only enriches the diversity of quick look content and improves the stickiness of users, but also an important part of exploring new business models and promoting the development of Guoman ecology.

It has been revealed that the crew has entered a tense shooting stage. It is believed that with the support of the production team and the cast, "unlovable TA" will bring a visual and emotional feast to the audience. Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of "unadorable TA".

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