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The mobile version of "Little Nightmare" goes on sale today, landing on iOS and Android platforms.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, On Steam platform "Special praise" Horror puzzle game "Little Nightmare" Today launched a mobile version, Six iOS and Android platform, Price is 5.99 dollars ( Note: Currently about 43 yuan), Only support English.

The official released a mobile version of "Little Nightmare" sales promotion video:

Surround yourself in the world of Dark Style Fantasy Story-"Little Nightmare" and face your childhood nightmare! Greed Jaws is a huge and mysterious ship. The corrupt soul residing in it is planning to have a feast. Help Xiao Liu escape from it. After slowly exploring, you will find that this frightening unknown environment not only has prisons to escape from, but also many places where secrets can be discovered.

The original Little Nightmare, released in 2017, is a giant and mysterious ship inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. The player plays as a little girl waking up from a ship, exploring the ship and gradually discovering the secrets behind it.

In addition,"Little Nightmare" launched its second installment in 2021, and Steam rated it as "especially good," but officials have not announced the transplant of the work.

Little Nightmare 3 is set for release in 2024 and is expected to hit PS5, PS4 and XSX.| S, Xbox One, Switch and PC platforms.

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