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Sources say Tsai Yinghua, chief business officer of Aliyun, has resigned, and people familiar with the matter say he left earlier.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. December 13 news, 36 Krypton said Aliyun Chief Commercial Officer Cai Yinghua (nickname: Hua Yan) officially resigned from Aliyun today. Subsequently, an Aliyun employee told the Interface News that Cai Yinghua had resigned from Aliyun as early as after the Yunqi conference.

It was revealed that "after Zhang Yong (former chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Ali Group) left office in September, Cai Yinghua's departure was a foregone conclusion, because Tsai Yinghua was brought in by Zhang Yong."

According to public information, Cai Yinghua parachuted into Aliyun in March 2022 and became senior vice president of Ali Group (M7 level).

▲ Tu Yuan: Aliyun according to previous reports from, Aliyun announced the start of a new round of organizational restructuring on November 23: the establishment of three new business departments and the establishment of a technical committee.

The organizational structure of the technical committee is set up under Ali Group, and Ali has also set up an infrastructure committee at the group level headed by Wu Yongming, whose members include Zhou Jingren, Ali partner Jiang Jiangwei (nickname Xiaoyi) and Ali CTO Wu Ziming (alias Fan Yu).

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