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Tencent built a solid low-altitude digital base combined with IDEA to create an airspace delineation and management platform

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Recently, at the World low-altitude Economic Forum, Tencent Intelligent Transportation and the low-level Economic Branch of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Digital Economic Research Institute (IDEA) demonstrated the joint establishment and management platform of airspace.

Based on Tencent's many years of digital technology in the fields of IoT perception, spatial construction, spatio-temporal computing, realistic rendering, simulation and deduction, Tencent IDEA airspace planning and management platform provides important support for the digitization of low-altitude airspace and the development of low-altitude economy. Through this platform, managers can set up and manage low-altitude airspace more effectively, improve the utilization and security of low-altitude airspace, and further promote the development of low-altitude economy.

In recent years, both at home and abroad have begun to explore the opening of low-altitude airspace resources, and through digital technology to help low-altitude air traffic effective management, to achieve UAV safe, orderly and intelligent flight. Tencent is based on distributed cloud and deploys core capabilities such as real-time twinning, IoT platform, artificial intelligence and open platform to build a computable digital base for low-altitude business.

Tencent distributed Cloud takes into account geographically distributed construction factors such as UAV take-off and landing site, guidance and monitoring equipment, and detection equipment, and provides users with a unified management plane of cloud resources in different locations, which is more suitable for the characteristics of low-altitude business applications. The low-altitude cloud platform created by Tencent distributed Cloud has super-large-scale computing capabilities, which can provide a mature, reliable and stable cloud, edge and end comprehensive basic supporting environment for low-altitude business systems.

Tencent relies on the accumulation of technology in games, simulation and other fields to create real-time twin solutions. Aiming at the field of low-altitude business, Tencent builds a set of real-time digital twin systems, such as airspace, facilities and mobile phones, to evaluate the operation status of low-altitude airspace, and adopts medium-and micro-integrated simulation technology. to achieve full-process services such as history backtracking, future prediction, strategy generation and evaluation, and support the construction of a "safe, collaborative and efficient" digital airspace.

Note: details of the configuration of the regulated airspace

Among them, Tencent IDEA airspace planning and management platform will provide airspace design, waterway planning, simulation testing and other functions for airspace management departments to ensure the safe and orderly flight of low-altitude aircraft, and based on space calculation, path planning, 3D rendering, space-time collision and other technologies, to create convenient 3D route planning and design tools to ensure safe, economical and efficient route design.

Note: details of route airspace configuration

In addition, with its accumulation in deep learning and artificial intelligence, Tencent IDEA airspace demarcation and management platform can also dynamically design and plan air routes, publish and execute new routes in real time, dynamically adapt to changes in demand, and provide better services for more efficient and high-density integrated flights.

Note: take-off and landing field configuration

At the same time, Tencent IDEA airspace planning and management platform also makes full use of the "dynamic" and "static" time and space big data, and uses intelligent algorithms to automatically generate take-off and landing site selection and construction suggestions in a given area, so as to quickly realize urban public take-off and landing point (field) planning.

There are many subjects in the low-altitude field, hardware facilities and software applications are divided, and "chimneys" are numerous, forming a series of data isolated islands. Tencent provides a package of digital solutions such as IoT platform, distributed database, big data platform, open platform and light couplet integration platform, which can realize IoT connection of all kinds of equipment and facilities in low-altitude business system, integrate low-altitude platform energy connection, provide service platform connection, provide transportation cooperation service for all low-altitude participants, connect everything downwards, and solve the unified access and management of equipment. Open up to support applications and business iterations to meet the needs of managers more efficiently.

In the future, Tencent will always be a digital assistant in the field of low-altitude business, providing industry partners with basic capabilities such as distributed cloud, real-time twin, IoT platform, artificial intelligence, open platform, etc., to help build a safe and efficient low-altitude airspace, as well as high-quality development of low-altitude economy.

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