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The source said that Alibaba e-commerce concentrated its efforts on AI: Taotian Group has set up four teams, and the internal model is named "Turing".

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Shulou( Report--, December 13, the current major Internet companies are chasing AI model tuyere, according to later LatePost reported that under the leadership of the new management team, "AI" is becoming the key word of the whole Ali.

Reported that Taotian Group has just finished combing its AI business, gathered from about 20 teams to 4, and internally released its own large model product "Turing"; the AI team of the International Digital Business Group now has more than 100 people.

In September this year, Wu Yongming, Ali's new CEO, established "AI-driven" as one of the two strategic priorities of the group in his internal letter. found that in November this year, when pinduoduo's market capitalization was about to catch up with Ali, Ma Yun made a rare speech on Ali's intranet, saying that "the era of AI e-commerce has just begun", which further confirmed the news that Alibaba e-commerce launched AI.

In addition, according to in November this year, people familiar with the matter revealed that Taotian Group is preparing to build a large model team and has begun recruitment work, which is jointly led by Taotian Group CEO Dishan, Taotian Group CTO Ruohai, Alimama CTO Zheng Bo and others.

Taobao already has a large model native AI application "Taobao ask", some operators said that "the product is really good, but it is difficult to say whether the user will pay the order or not."

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