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The average daily operation of Shunfeng Fengyi UAV in the Dawan area has exceeded 6000, realizing full terrain and full scene coverage for commercial operation.

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According to news on December 13, Shunfeng "Fengyi Technology UAV" official account announced today that the daily average number of regular operation of Fengyi UAV in the Greater Bay area has exceeded 6000, achieving full terrain and panoramic coverage for commercial operation.

▲ Touyuan "Fengyi Technology UAV" official account claimed that Fengyi UAV has completed the construction of air transportation network in Baoan District-Longhua District, covering express delivery, inter-city emergency delivery, emergency rescue, medical transportation, fresh cold chain and other scenarios, and can realize "hour-level" distribution services of intra-city real-time logistics and cross-city express logistics.

After inquiry, learned that Fengyi currently uses the Ark 40 UAV for operational services, which is a medium-sized eight-rotor UAV with a maximum takeoff weight of 37 kg, a maximum payload weight of 12 kg, a maximum range of 20 km and a cruising speed of 15 m / s.

▲ source Shunfeng official website

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