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Sony PS+12 will avoid the game announcement every month: "GTA5", "Strangers in Heaven: the Origin of final Fantasy" and so on.

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Shulou( Report--, December 14 (Xinhua)-- Sony has announced the upcoming lineup of PS Plus Extra and Premium games in December, with independent games such as "GTA V" and "Strangers in Heaven: the Origin of final Fantasy" getting the most attention. summarizes the game lineup of PS Plus Extra and Premium this month, and all games will be available from December 19:

PlayStation Plus ExtraGTA V, GTA Online (PS4, PS5)

Strangers in Heaven: the Origin of final Fantasy (PS4, PS5)

World Motorcycle Championships 23 (Moto GP23) (PS4, PS5)

Heavy metal: hell singers (PS4, PS5)

Salt and sacrifice (Salt and Sacrifice) (PS4, PS5)

Lunar scar (Moonscars) (PS4, PS5)

Locke 11 (PS4)

GigaBash (PS4, PS5)

Grime (PS4, PS5)

Tinykin (PS4, PS5)

Prodeus (PS4, PS5)

Shadow Gallop: Shadowrun Returns (PS4, PS5)

Shadow Gallop: Dragon Dragon-Director's edited version (PS4, PS5)

Shadow Race: Hong Kong-extended version (PS4, PS5)

PlayStation Plus Premium Classics: the Locke Legend Collection (PS4)

Locke Legend Collection 2 (PS4)

Simulated paradise (Thrillville) (PS4, PS5)

Simulation Paradise: amazing World (Thrillville: Off the Rails) (PS4, PS5)

Buzz Lightyear's interstellar mission (PS4, PS5)

There are only three free games for the PlayStation Plus basic file in December. They have been available for collection since December 5, and the deadline for collection is January 1, 2024:

"Lego 2K Race" (PS5 / PS4)

"Runtime Simulator" (PS5 / PS4)


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