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Big Eye Orange C1Air Projector: "True 1080p", 430 CVIA lumen, pre-price 1499 yuan

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Thanks to netizen very homely very afraid of the clue delivery! December 13 news, Big Eye Orange today in the e-commerce platform on the shelf of a C1 Air portable projector, At present is in the pre-sale stage, Pre-sale price 1499 yuan, Need to pay 100 yuan deposit.

▲ This projector claims to adopt "true 1080P resolution," brightness of 430 CVIA lumens, support autofocus and automatic trapezoidal correction.

▲ Picture source big eye orange official micro blog

▲ The official microblog of big eye orange does not disclose more information about the projector, but inquires about big eye orange microblog. According to comprehensive information, this projector weighs 1.25 kg, has an HDMI 2.0 interface, a USB Type-A interface, a 3.5mm audio interface, and is said to have a projection ratio of 1.0:1, suitable for small space scenes such as bedrooms.

▲ Picture source big eye orange official micro blog Jingdong big eye orange C1Air projector 1499 yuan direct link

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