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Cainiao launched the App pickup service in Hong Kong, with more than 2.6 million users in Hong Kong.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on December 14, according to Cainiao official account, Cainiao took the lead in launching App pickup service in the logistics industry in Hong Kong a few days ago. at present, there are more than 50 Cainiao pick-up service in Hong Kong to support App pickup service.

▲ Picture Source Cainiao official account according to Cainiao Hong Kong App pick-up project manager Ma Yuan, when users click "one-click pick-up" in CAINIAO App (Cainiao overseas version App) or Taobao App logistics center, they can dynamically complete pickup according to the pick-up TV screen or App number, and truly realize the package "pick-up on arrival". Compared with the past, the whole pickup process is not only more intelligent and efficient, but also greatly reduces the mistaking probability and package information caused by manual operation.

In addition, in order to attract users to experience the new service, Cainiao will also hand out Cainiao courier handbags free of charge to users who use CAINIAO App pickups for the first time.

Official figures show that by the end of July this year, Cainiao had more than 2.6 million users in Hong Kong, with an average of one in three Hong Kong people using Cainiao's e-commerce logistics service., the official account of ▲ Tu Yuan Cainiao International, noted that Cainiao launched CAINIAO App last year, the overseas version of Cainiao App, which can accept container orders other than Taobao.

In July this year, Cainiao International announced that it would be the first to launch the "next day, late arrival must pay" service in Hong Kong. Parcels sent from the mainland Cainiao Warehouse can be delivered to self-pick-up points or users in Hong Kong at the latest. If it is not delivered within the time limit of the commitment, the rookie will take the initiative to pay up to 60 yuan for each order.

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