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Digital opening of Computational Evolution-- the 18th Annual ceremony of China's IDC Industry was held

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Shulou( Report--

On December 12, the 18th Annual ceremony of China's IDC Industry (IDCC2023) with the theme of "Computational Evolution" was solemnly held in Beijing National Convention Center. This conference is the third grand event of the Chinese IDC industry annual ceremony held in 2023, which aims to deeply explore the development trend, technological innovation, business model, ecological construction and other topics of the computing industry from the perspective of national integrated development, so as to lay a solid foundation for welcoming the arrival of the digital age.

The conference was hosted by the China IDC Industry Annual ceremony Organizing Committee and hosted by the China IDC Circle. More than 100 important guests, including industry leaders, industry scholars, technical elites, famous enterprise executives, industry users and representatives of overseas data center operators, were invited to the scene to share their experiences and thoughts. The conference attracted more than 20000 live attendees, the exhibition area was crowded, the main venue and broadcasting hall were full, and tens of millions of viewers watched the live broadcast of the conference simultaneously through dozens of online platforms.


From exploring to breaking the situation, academicians and experts discuss the development of industry.

Under the guidance of policies such as the Action Plan for High-quality Development of Computing Infrastructure, and driven by the outbreak of artificial intelligence industry caused by ChatGPT, the construction of computing infrastructure has entered a new stage of high-quality and high-speed development. IDCC2023 invited academicians, experts and industry leaders to conduct in-depth discussions around the changes of the computing industry, future computing scenarios and other hot topics in the industry.

The conference kicked off with a speech by Huang Chao, chairman of Kezhi Group, founder of China's IDC circle and CEO. Huang Chao reviewed the development and changes of China's computing industry in 2023 and shared his thoughts on the theme of the conference, "Computational Evolution and Digital Development". He pointed out that national policies, new models for the construction of intelligent computing centers, inclusion of data assets, energy innovation and other factors have brought new challenges and opportunities to the computing infrastructure industry, while computing services are also enabling the digital transformation of various industries.

He said that the era of counting and opening up all things has come, and computing, as a new generation of productive forces, is accelerating the process of enabling thousands of industries and promoting the digital transformation of the industry. China's IDC circle will continue to build a diversified platform to serve the development of the industry, promote the high-quality development of the computing industry, and promote the process of digital empowerment.

Zhang Jingan, academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, chairman of the China Science and Technology system Reform Research Association, chairman of the reform special committee of high-tech development zones, and vice chairman of the China Center of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, shared the topic of "digitally driven high-quality development". He starts from three angles: innovation driving digital intelligent, green and high quality development, striving to promote innovation globalization, and collaborative innovation integrated innovation. It is pointed out that today's world is a digital era, and both countries and industries should adapt to the changes and challenges of the new era and improve the efficiency and quality of innovation.

He believes that the most valuable innovation comes from cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental, cross-regional and cross-disciplinary cooperation, which requires a global perspective and diversified thinking, and an in-depth exchange of open ideas and scientific talents. it is necessary to form the intersection of industrial chain, supply chain, technology chain and ecological chain, create an ecology of innovation, need a tolerant ecology of innovation, and need a spark of free innovation.

He Baohong, director of Cloud Computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications, discussed "what should we do" from the perspective of industry with the topic of "Transformation to Native". This paper analyzes the three stages of the integration of technology into the industry: simple use, transformation and nativeness, and expounds the vision and goal of digital transformation, as well as the new ideas and forms of digital origin.

He suggested that the industry should replace "data center" with the term "computing center", and put forward the concepts of data origin, computing center, application modernization and so on. Based on this, he looks forward to the new era of digital native, puts forward the need for new culture, concept, organization, business model, value system, user experience and so on, and calls on everyone to meet the challenges and opportunities of digital native.

Liang Yan, co-president of Wanguo data China, introduced the innovative and practical achievements in resource reserve, technology iteration and security and intelligent operation in order to meet the needs of high density, intelligence and sustainability of AIDC in the era of intelligent computing.

Liang Yan said: "with the development of AI business, the planning, design, construction and operation of the data center are undergoing essential changes. With comprehensive and high density as the most prominent change, the next generation AIDC also embodies the characteristics of improved adaptation scale, distributed redundancy and wind-fluid compatibility. In order to further improve the risk response capacity of the data center, meet the high-level computing requirements of AI-related business, and ensure customer business continuity, we need to use more secure, efficient, intelligent and green technology to achieve the excellent operation of AIDC as a whole. "

Xiong Jiazhen, director of FusionPoD PDT product planning of Superfusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd., shared the title of "Fusion Innovation, tamping AI Computing Base". Xiong Jiazhen analyzed the characteristics of the diversified era of computing and the rapid growth of the demand for AI computing power, predicted the great potential of the AI server market, and put forward the concept of "liquid-cooled native".

Xiong Jiazhen introduced the development concept of superfusion "connecting the north and the south, looking at the east and west", and pointed out that in the current industrial environment, computing power has moved from CPU to XPU, should be ecologically heterogeneous compatible, break the boundaries of servers, chips and data centers, and is willing to innovate with industry partners to define data center infrastructure, release AI computing power, and provide customers with green and diverse computing power.

Chen Qiang, deputy director of the Development Department of big data of the National Information Center, discussed the trend of computing infrastructure in the digital economy era with the topic of "the evolution from data center to intelligent computing center". He believes that in order to achieve the great promotion of the industrial economy to the digital economy, it is necessary to realize the infrastructure of data, algorithms and power, the most important of which is the networking, universality and greening of computing power.

He said that the state attaches great importance to the construction of digital infrastructure and will continue to increase policy and financial support for computing infrastructure, so as to consolidate and strengthen China's dominant position in the global computing pattern. High-quality development of computing power enables the high-quality development of the digital economy.

Zhou Tianyu, CTO of Hexing data, published the sharing of the topic "New Green Computing Cluster leads the Evolution of Intelligent Computing Power". He said that intelligent computing power has penetrated into our lives, and further introduced the evolution from decision-making AI to generative AI, as well as the rapid growth and diversified needs of intelligent computing power.

He pointed out that the demand for computing infrastructure of artificial intelligence has four major characteristics: high delay requirements, high cabinet power, mixed distribution of multiple computing power, and frequent fluctuations in business load. Therefore, smart computing infrastructure needs to meet new requirements such as sustainable expansion, high architecture compatibility, high resource utilization, green and low carbon, and so on.

Zhang Yongjian, CEO of Boda data, shared "the New era of Intelligent Computing: the Road to the Integration of Business, Technology and Ecology." he said that the digital base has undergone the change from a computing center, an information center, a cloud computing center to an intelligent center, and discusses the road to the integrated development of the intelligent computing center from the dimensions of business model, technology development, and ecological construction.

He said that Boda data, as a new brand with more than 20 years of industry experience, has established a strategic direction of "one base, two curves and three stages", and hopes to build a community ecology of the computing industry on this basis.

Zhu Hua, member of the Energy supply and Green consumption Professional Committee of the China Energy Research Association and CEO of all things Xinneng, shared the topic of "the challenges and new opportunities of power and energy in the intelligent computing era, computing center". He said that the current era has entered the AIDC era from the IDC era, and the electricity will also enter the 110kV and 220kV access era, which will face more opportunities and challenges.

As for the relationship between electric power and computing industry, he puts forward three viewpoints: the innovation and exploration of electric power will bring more space for the development of computing industry, and the reform of electric power system will bring more opportunities for computing industry. micro-innovation of safe energy storage mode will bring greater benefits.

Wu Yuanpei, deputy director of the Power guarantee Center of Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Dongguan Shenzhentong Information Technology Co., Ltd., with the topic of "Research on Intelligent Operation and maintenance of large-scale Computing Center in Financial Industry", shared to the guests the current situation and thinking about the future of the South Information Technology Center of China's securities and futures industry in terms of intelligent monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance.

He interprets the research and understanding of intelligent operation and maintenance of data center from the three dimensions of electrical intelligent control, warm air system monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance, and makes a detailed introduction from the perspectives of certification, security prevention and control organization system, energy-saving management and so on.

Wei Kai, deputy director of the Yunda Institute of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications and executive deputy director of the artificial Intelligence Research Center, shared "the development and challenges of artificial intelligence models" to the audience. He believes that the large model is the latest stage of the development of artificial intelligence, which has the characteristics of scale scalability, multi-task adaptability, complex reasoning ability and knowledge absorption ability, and is expected to lead human beings into the era of general artificial intelligence.

He also analyzed the impact of the large model on human-computer interaction, productivity, scientific research and society, as well as the path choice and ecological construction of the large model in industry application. Finally, he pointed out the challenges faced by large models in terms of tool chain, data governance, model operation and risk control, and called on the industry to make systematic preparations to meet the outbreak of artificial intelligence.

Yu Rong, head of the system Security Department of Societe Generale, shared the development of financial data centers in the intelligent era under the title of "how to deal with the challenges of massive data and complex scenarios". He believes that in a broad sense, computing power should include algorithms and data, and form the most basic productivity cornerstone of the "trinity" of the digital age.

He said that in the era of financial intelligence, different strategies should be formulated for different computing power, emphasizing that infrastructure should have sufficient forward-looking matching computing power development, as well as efficient computing power supply capability. and a matching operation and maintenance system is needed to ensure a stable supply of financial intelligence.

Zhang Guolin, deputy general manager of Geely Technology (Changxing) data center, shared the topic of "the practice of traditional IDC quickly adapting to the change of AI computing power to intelligent computing center". He said that with the rapid rise of AI business, traditional data centers need to solve the problems of power supply, cooling and networking in order to meet the needs of high-power GPU clusters and HPC supercomputing.

He further shared Geely Technology's traditional IDC rapid transformation plan by using the existing power system and cooling water system to optimize the layout and networking of cabinets by configuring water-cooled inter-row air conditioners and cold plate liquid-cooled cabinets, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Huang Xinping, co-founder of Sizhi AI, shared a speech entitled "Computational Power matching and Optimization in Business scenarios". He first introduced the development of computing power to the participants, from physical devices to architecture to analyze the concept, application and current challenges of computing power.

He pointed out that at present, the development of computing power in China is faced with the problems of chip supply, unclear application scene of large model, long construction cycle and high cost. He said that the landing scene of the current large model is not rich, it is still in the stage of "teasing him", and more serious application scenarios will gradually emerge next year.

The rapid growth of demand for smart computing has also accelerated the outbreak of the business model of computing leasing. At the meeting, under the auspices of Sun Bin, Bamboo Intelligent COO, Wang Hua, vice president of Moore Thread Cloud Computing, Ding Yu, CTO of Computing Infrastructure of Superfusion Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Tang Li, general manager of UCloud Youkade Hybrid Cloud Business Center, and CTO Huang Xinping, co-founder of Shizhi AI, jointly focused on "is computing leasing a good business?" This topic has launched a wonderful and in-depth discussion on the current situation and development path of Calculus Leasing.


Release of important industrial achievements in liquid cooling and energy

Explore the current situation and prospect of the liquid-cooled data center market, and promote the coordinated development of computing power and energy. At the scene of the conference, the release link of the research results of a major industry was carried out.

The first is the release of the "China liquid cooling data Center Market depth Research report". The report, presented jointly by Keshi Consulting and the Institute of Industry and Planning of China Institute of Information and Communications, reveals in detail the current situation and development trend of the liquid cooling market in data centers at the level of 100 billion.

Big data of Industrial Planning Research Institute of China Information and Communication Institute, Tang Wei, deputy director of Digital economy Research Department, Pan Jianchu, deputy secretary general and director of data center committee of China Communications Industry Association, and Franklin Chang-Diaz, director of science and technology consulting, jointly released the report at the scene.

At the release site, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Director of Science and Technology Consulting, made a detailed interpretation of the "China liquid cooling data Center Market depth Research report". The report comprehensively analyzes the industry chain, technology development, application demand and competitive situation of the liquid cooling data center, brilliantly shows the current situation and prospect of the Chinese liquid cooling data center market, and deeply discusses the trends and opportunities of the future market development. According to the report, China's liquid-cooled data center market will usher in a rapid growth of 53.2% in 2023, and the market size will grow to 15.4 billion yuan. Looking forward to the next five years, the scale of the data center liquid cooling market will break through the 100 billion mark, and the liquid cooling technology will become an important solution in the data center cooling field.

Create a new integrated energy solution for computing, power and thermal power in the data center to promote the green and low-carbon development of the data center. The conference issued a major white paper on the development of comprehensive energy technology in data centers, and put forward a new scheme for building "computing power", "power" and "heat" in data centers. Its connotation, principle, architecture and technical path are clarified, and the related challenges and development direction are discussed.

The white paper is led by Beijing Institute of Technology, in conjunction with the data Center Committee of China Communications Industry Association, Huawei Digital Energy, Beijing Institute of Technology Chongqing Innovation Center, China Institute of Metrology, China computer user Association data Center Branch, Beijing Telecom Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Ningxia East Mathematical calculation and Western calculation Industry and Finance Research Institute, as well as from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other universities State Grid Corporation, State Energy Group, China Yangtze River three Gorges Group and other enterprise research institutes, with the technical support of Century Interconnection, Universal data, Qinhuai data, Technology, Tencent Cloud and other enterprises, and jointly compiled by relevant experts such as data center, electric power and thermal power.

640 (60)

IDCC2023 annual ceremony held on the spot "China IDC Industry Annual Award" award ceremony, a total of 82 enterprises and projects won 16 heavyweight awards. Chairman of the data Center Committee of China Communications Industry Association, Director of Renewable Energy Research Center of Huairou Laboratory, Chairman of Jin Heping and Kezhi Group, Chief Information Division of three Gorges Group, founder of China IDC Circle and CEO Huang Chao jointly presented the award to the award-winning enterprises.

As the top event of the computing infrastructure industry, the 18th China IDC Industry Annual ceremony brings together upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry, providing the industry with space for information exchange, technology display and business cooperation through speech sharing, industrial exhibition, achievement release, annual selection and other links. It provides a reliable and efficient communication and cooperation platform for the industry to explore the future development direction of computing infrastructure and work together to build a sustainable development ecology.

The second day of this conference is "2023 National Conference on High quality Development of Computing Industry". On the third day, "Tencent Science and Technology Hi Tech Day Conference and 2023 Digital Open things Conference" will continue to open two major industry conferences in the fields of computing industry and industry digitization, and set up sub-forums covering liquid cooling, energy storage, intelligent operation and maintenance, zero-carbon development, security protection and other fields to show the latest technology and best practices. This paper discusses the future of computing industry innovation and sustainable development.

Attached: guests and agenda of "Tencent Technology Hi Tech Day Conference and 2023 Digital Open things Conference"

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