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The latest pure electric endurance test results of Chedi mixed and extended range models have been released.

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Shulou( Report--, December 14, recently, the 2023 winter test results of a number of popular new energy vehicles released by Ranche Emperor caused controversy. Today, at 9 o'clock in Mohe, where it is minus 40 degrees, the winter test open day was held again to test the plug-in / extended range pure electric range, and the whole process was broadcast live. Some car companies, media and user representatives were invited to the on-site experience supervision.

Open day to participate in the test models are looking up to U8, M7, Wei brand Gaoshan, Lingke 08EM-P, Lanto FREE, Tengli D9 DM-i, the test rules are exactly the same as the previous tests.

The latest test results are as follows:

The latest test results

Before the test results noted that the test results are somewhat unexpected, Lectra 08EM-P only pure electric driving 6.5km, asking the boundary M7 only pure electric driving 10.6km. The first car to quit was the Leck 08, which only ran 6.5 kilometers before the engine intervened. The second car to quit was the M7, where the engine intervened when the battery was 31%, and the pure electric ran 10.6 kilometers. The third exit is the Wei brand Gaoshan 17.4 km, 29% of the electricity when the engine intervened. The fourth car that withdrew was the Tengli D9, with 24% of the power engine involved and Pure Electric running 18.9 kilometers. The fifth person to quit was Lantu FREE, which ran 36.8km. The last one to quit was to look up at the U8, ran 65.5 kilometers, and the engine intervened when the electricity was 23%.

According to media reports such as the Red Dot of the Comprehensive Automobile Market, one of the reasons why the test results on the open day are lower than previous tests is that the ambient temperature is lower. Before the test officially began, the host who understood the car emperor also admitted that because the temperature today was too low, it was too different from the minus 20 degrees set by the previous test, and the test results were for reference only. The test results are relatively objective, "there is no absolute fairness in this world." Another reason is that the standby time is longer, reaching 81 minutes.

One of the focuses of the controversy over the test is the preparation of the vehicle, because repeatedly opening and closing the door will have a greater impact on the interior temperature of the car and increase the power consumption of air conditioning. Understand the car emperor host said that this is to test completely transparent, to ensure that the settings such as electric mode, air conditioning temperature and other variables are basically the same. So can we not turn on the electricity during the preparation period? From the actual experience of the field representatives, it is difficult to complete the equipment without turning on the air conditioner, because the ambient temperature has reached minus 40 degrees Celsius on the day of the test.

It is worth mentioning that Zhe Di today's live broadcast on Douyin and his own App has turned off on-screen comments. And at about 10: 20, the live broadcast was suddenly interrupted.

It is worth mentioning that the winter test only tests the extreme test under extremely cold conditions, not the normal driving performance of the daily driving environment. And there are some differences between the two test results, which also shows that the test results are full of uncertainty.

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