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The choice of the collection of elites depends on Samsung W24 to make the classics last forever.

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Only by breaking everything and daring to reform the old and innovate can we transform innovative technology into a respected experience. Folding screen smart phone is a new thing born in the process of breaking and standing. As a new generation of ultra-high-end folding screen products, Samsung W24 not only breaks people's inherent cognition of mobile phone in external form, but also reconstructs the mobile application mode of life and work through exploration of design and function. It not only has high-end reverence temperament, but also has the strength of honing and honing, satisfying the high-end life enjoyment and efficient work experience pursued by the current elite.

Only by carving with ingenuity can we carry the pursuit of quality life. The fuselage back plate of Samsung W24 is made of high-end ceramic material, which integrates traditional culture with innovative technology, which not only makes the ceramic culture inherited for thousands of years have a new expression form, but also makes the scientific and technological products have humanistic feelings worth pondering. Elegant "Nado Grey" color scheme shows calm atmosphere, complement each other with ceramic material, keep fashion in introversion, just like the holder's end elegance, respect identity does not show itself.

High-end quality, originating from the ingenuity of aesthetic arts and crafts. Samsung W24 uses ultra-closed precision hinges made with precision technology to create a folding form with a futuristic sense of technology. In order to highlight the elegant atmosphere of the folding screen body, the body frame and hinge cover are all decorated with luxurious gold color. The hinge cover decorated with gem-like checkered pattern complements the brand logo. It is eye-catching in the intersection of light and shadow, especially beautiful and exquisite, redefining the noble texture of ultra-high-end mobile phone with meaningful atmosphere.

Although it is a folding body, the Samsung W24 still creates a light grip, and it will not feel burdened with one hand, creating a powerful experience with a light posture. At the same time, Samsung W24 gives full play to the advantages of folding form in screen design, bringing 7.6-inch (right angle) immersive wide screen, supporting 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and increasing peak brightness to 1750 nits, integrating immersive, smooth and high-brightness visual experience, allowing elites to enjoy everything in their hands and watch movies as if they were there.

With the efficient office needs of elites as the starting point, Samsung W24 breaks the boundary between mobile phones and PCs, helping elites to make further progress. Thanks to the perfect multi-window view, application continuity, taskbar and other interactive settings, the complicated operation in the past can be more smooth. Through the powerful multi-tasking function, users can run up to 3 applications on the main screen of Samsung W24 at the same time, truly achieving multi-purpose and multi-task parallel. With the S Pen exclusive to Samsung W24, writing is flowing, recording inspiration, instructions, inscriptions and drawings are more comfortable.

Samsung W24 is equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy), equipped with 16GB+1TB powerful storage space, supporting IPX8 waterproof performance, is the best partner for elite people. In addition, the heart of the world Samsung W24| The W24 Flip also supports China Telecom Quantum Cipher, which is based on advanced quantum communication technology to provide trusted privacy for voice calls, instant messaging and file storage.

In the era of folding screen, Samsung W24 can be regarded as a model of great breakthrough. It breaks the boundary between tradition and innovation, integrates millennium culture with modern technology, creates elegant palm enjoyment, and satisfies people's pursuit of high-end life taste. At the same time, Samsung W24 is more interested in exploring the advantages of folding screen form, opening the door to efficient office for social elites, and stimulating the unlimited potential of creating brilliant careers.

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