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The White Paper on the Development of distributed Storage 2023, edited by Xinhua three, was officially released.

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Recently, the "White Paper on Distributed Storage Development 2023"(hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"), jointly prepared by the member units of the "Distributed Storage Industry Matrix" of the Chinese Academy of Information Technology, was officially released. The content revolves around the cutting-edge technological innovation and the latest application scenarios of distributed storage in the intelligent era. As one of the first council members of the industry matrix, Xinhua Third Group, a subsidiary of Ziguang Co., Ltd., deeply participated in the preparation of white paper, sharing its own technical research achievements and practice in terms of performance, experience and application scenarios of distributed storage, so as to provide constructive guidance and reference for the healthy and rapid development of storage industry.

Demand drives technological innovation, distributed storage technology requires four-dimensional innovation

At present, the digital transformation of various industries has entered the deep water area, AI large model, big data lake warehouse integration, digital pathology, quantitative transaction, data network and other emerging application scenarios from emergence to deepening, posing more opportunities and challenges for the bottom data storage support. For example, AI large model not only requires powerful text processing capability, but also requires comprehensive AI capability such as video, file, audio, picture, etc., which further generates the storage and analysis requirements of massive unstructured data, which makes distributed storage need to achieve greater breakthrough at the technical application level.

In the face of new storage requirements in the AI era, the White Paper analyzes workload models under different segmentation scenarios and shares the latest technology trends in distributed storage from four dimensions: architecture, functionality, hardware and ecology. At present, cutting-edge technologies such as multi-protocol convergence, single-frame multi-node, high-performance RDMA network scale application are driving the architectural transformation of distributed storage, while technologies such as scene-based lossless compression and multi-active disaster recovery break through the boundaries of traditional performance at the functional level. Combined with hardware innovations such as NVMe flash memory and the continuous development of industrial ecology, distributed storage has higher bandwidth, lower latency, stronger concurrency capability and excellent scalability, which can build intelligent and innovative digital base for various scenario applications in AI era.

From performance to management, Xinhua San distributed storage technology comprehensive innovation

On the road of technological innovation, Xinhua Third Group continues to invest in research and development, leading the all-round innovation of distributed storage performance and experience. For example, H3C UniStor X10000 G6 distributed storage architecture integrates 4 distributed all-flash nodes in 2U space, improving capacity and performance density with single frame and multiple nodes, simplifying system deployment and management and operation, and fully meeting the needs of enterprises for mass data storage, high-speed access and real-time analysis in the AI era. In addition, Xinhua San actively promotes the integration of innovative technologies such as high-density all-flash, high-performance RDMA network and DPU with distributed storage, and is committed to breaking through the performance limit of distributed storage. At the same time, Xinhua San also invested in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as data reduction, and further improved the utilization rate of storage space and reduced costs through innovative technologies such as large-scale erasure code and data re-erasure.

In addition to hardware innovation, Xinhua Third Group also seeks breakthroughs in the management and scheduling of distributed storage, accelerating technological changes in the industry through service-oriented intelligent storage. Xinhuasan intelligent storage hub can support intelligent management of AIOps such as capacity prediction, performance prediction, fault identification and root cause analysis, and can identify different workload types according to multi-service models, realize service model classification and match corresponding storage resources.

Leading the ecology and boosting the accelerated development of distributed storage industry

Today, Xinhua Third Group has been deeply engaged in the storage industry for more than 20 years. It has not only created many model industry cases through innovation and practical ability, but also actively cooperated with various forces of production, learning and research to continuously promote the development of technical standards, ecological system construction, application and promotion of distributed storage. As one of the first council members of the distributed storage industry matrix of the Information and Communications Institute, Xinhua San deeply participated in the compilation and review of the White Paper on Distributed Storage Development in 2022 and 2023, outputting a clearer and systematic industrial panorama and providing model reference for the implementation of technology scenario application. At the same time, Xinhua San also participated in the formulation of several industry standards such as General Technical Requirements for Distributed Block Storage System, Technical Requirements for Distributed Storage All-in-One Machine, Test Method for Distributed Storage of Data Center, Technical Specification for Green Design Product Evaluation Storage Equipment, etc., leading and standardizing the benign development of storage industry, and building a strong data cornerstone for "Digital China" together with partners.

With the steady development of digital economy and the deepening layout of policies such as "counting east and calculating west," China's data scale will maintain rapid growth. However, the growth of data scale is the first step. Only in the flow and sharing can data give full play to its due value and become the key force to promote the "integration of digital economy and the real world." As the leader of digital solutions, Xinhua Third Group will adhere to the concept of "intensive cultivation and pragmatism," lead the iterative innovation of distributed storage with continuous innovation core technology, release data potential with comprehensive leading infrastructure and pragmatic industry application, and provide a solid data base for the high-quality development of Baixing Baiye.

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