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Service personnel management "secrets" and "weather vane": "Enterprise after-sales Service Digital Operation Guide" 2.0 is coming!

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Shulou( Report--

Do you still remember the "Digital Operation Guide for Enterprise after-sales Service" that we issued last year?

After the release, we have received wide recognition and praise from customers and practitioners in the industry. for more than a year, customers have been coming to apply for our operation guide as a reference "treasure book" for the construction of digital services.

During this period, we have served more leading customers in the industry, listened to the opinions of hundreds of customers, actively developed and docked AI and other new technologies, and followed the wave of Chinese enterprises going out to sea to develop our overseas service business.

No matter in the understanding of after-sales service management, or in the practical experience of building a digital service system, there has been a great leap forward.

Therefore, on the basis of the previous "Operation Guide 1.0", we launched version 2.0, hoping to provide more comprehensive and professional after-sales service digital operation guidance and suggestions for enterprise service personnel!

This "Operation Guide 2.0" also uses the latest big map layout form, we sort out the core content, in order to help you get the knowledge points more clearly.

01 goal and orientation of the service

To be a good after-sales service enterprise, we must first make clear the value that service brings to the enterprise from top to bottom, that is:

① enhances brand strength and reputation

② promotes product innovation

③ creates corporate profits

On this basis, we can upgrade the goal and positioning step by step according to the development and strategy of the enterprise at different stages, from passively solving customer problems to providing active service to customers and enhancing customer loyalty. evolve service from "cost center" to "profit center".

02 service management system

The establishment of a set of perfect service system is the basis for enterprises to provide quality service to customers and achieve service goals. a complete service management system mainly includes four aspects:

① service process

② management rules

③ service organization

④ IT system

So how to ensure that the service management system is suitable for the actual business of the enterprise? This requires managers to start from the enterprise strategy and obey the strategic goal of the enterprise as a whole.

03 core value of digital construction

In this era of digitization and intelligence, it has become a necessary choice for enterprises to optimize after-sales service system through digital system, so why should enterprises choose the digital road? What value can digitalization bring to after-sales service?

Starting from the actual business sector, we "depict" the four values of the digital blueprint for enterprises:

① connection: digital system connects customers, equipment and service providers

Improving ② efficiency: improving the efficiency of process, personnel and spare parts transfer

③ value-added: promote secondary sales and service marketing

④ decision-making: data analysis provides decision support for managers

04 service digital platform architecture

With the overall digital blueprint, there can be a clear framework when building the system.

According to the organizations and materials involved in the whole service process, the digital system should be composed of client self-service + business management platform + service network collaborative portal + service personnel App. Of course, enterprises can set up their own actual business needs.

Most of these four constitute an integrated after-sales service management platform for enterprises, through which customer service, customers, equipment, managers, service providers, service personnel, spare parts and other service chains can be digitally empowered to achieve efficient connection and cooperation among customers, headquarters service departments, service areas and service personnel.

05 digital business scenario

With the system, how to build digital processes in specific business scenarios? This is also the key link of digital landing, we start from the five major business scenarios of after-sales service, for everyone to sort out the digital application scheme in each link.

① service access: multi-channel service access, self-service, online service, online processing of service requests, unified management

② service operation: four business models of digital operation: technical support, on-site service, return of repair and project delivery.

③ spare parts management: the whole process of spare parts receiving and returning is online and visualized, and spare parts inventory is allocated rationally.

④ Service Marketing: process Planning of differentiated Service Marketing in ToB and ToC Industries

⑤ basic system management: online management of service resources, fault base, knowledge base and equipment lifecycle

06 typical industry practice plan

Customers in different industries (mainly ToB and ToC) have differences in after-sales service organization mode, service content and management content, so there are different modules in the construction of digital service system, which need specific industry planning.

According to Ruiyun Service Cloud's rich service experience in many industries, we have summarized and sorted out the digital framework of after-sales service in four typical industries, namely, home appliances, new energy, equipment manufacturing and equipment. So that the construction of digital after-sales service system for customers in related industries can take as few detours as possible.

07 prospect of after-sales service trend

For service managers, understanding the service trend of the industry is of great significance for future planning and key work of after-sales service. we have investigated a number of customers for more than a year, and summed up the three major directions of the development of after-sales service from 2023 to 2024, in order to give reference to all service personnel.

The after-sales service of ① enterprises pays more attention to the improvement of human efficiency, and digital technology will become a powerful tool for managers to improve personnel efficiency in all aspects.

With the explosion of ChatGPT and the open source of major AI models, ② accelerates the landing application of AI products in the after-sales service digital scene.

Under the influence of ③ policy and market, Chinese enterprises set off a new wave of going out to sea, and the construction of global after-sales service system has become an important link for enterprises to do business overseas.

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