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IDC: China's smartphone market is expected to ship 287 million units next year, the first year-on-year increase since 2021

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According to news on December 14, market research agency IDC Consulting today released a report entitled "Top Ten Insights into China's smartphone Market in 2024". It is estimated that shipments of China's smartphone market will reach 287 million units in 2024, an increase of 3.6% over the same period last year, and shipments will remain stable in the next few years.

Shipments of China's smartphone market will grow year-on-year for the first time since 2021, and the folding screen market will maintain a momentum of rapid growth, according to IDC analysis.

The agency believes that with the decline in the cost of major parts such as hinges and screens, the price of folding screen phones is expected to continue to decline, horizontal folding products are expected to fall to the range of 4000-5000 yuan, and more vertical folding products will enter the range of 3000-4000 yuan. China's folding screen mobile phone market will ship nearly 10 million units in 2024, a year-on-year increase of 53.2%. The compound growth rate will reach 37.5% in 2027.

In addition, the use of the AI model on mobile phones is expected to break the lack of innovation in the mobile phone market for many years, and the demand for higher performance of hardware is also conducive to promoting the replacement of some users. However, the real usage scenario of the AI model is not clear, and the voice assistant is still the main landing method. summarizes other points put forward by IDC this time as follows:

The market scale of second-hand smartphones (including refurbished phones) continues to expand: with the improvement of the overall quality and durability of smartphones in recent years, the gap between the use experience of second-hand smartphones and new phones continues to narrow, but the price advantage is more obvious. Second-hand flagship products will become the most suitable "replacement" for new mid-range phones. The market for used smartphones (including refurbished machines) is expected to exceed 70 million units in 2024.

More consumers are willing to choose higher-end products to extend the replacement cycle, and more mid-range consumers are choosing the normal version of their flagship products, and the high-end market (priced above $600) is expected to grow by 0.5% year-on-year.

On the premise of maintaining the fluency of daily use scenes, low-end products pay more attention to appearance and texture and workmanship to attract more offline consumers, and the low-end market share (US $100-200) is expected to grow by 1.4%.

Enhancing consumers' sense of experience and using sense of security through enhanced after-sales service will become an effective moat to retain and maintain users, as well as an important way to seize new users.

More car companies will release their own-brand smartphones to enrich their terminal ecosystem, while mobile phone manufacturers will not only build cars directly, but also take advantage of their own software development and multi-terminal interconnection. continue to strengthen cooperation with car companies in self-driving, car-machine systems, intelligent cockpit and other aspects, smartphones will more become the "car keys" and "central control platform" of cooperative car companies.

At a time when consumer usage is still low, satellite communications will become an important choice for "high-end products" to create differentiation, as this feature will still play an important role in special extreme scenarios. It is expected that satellite communications services will significantly enhance the competitiveness of high-end products together with the AI model.

The proportion of self-developed technology and domestic supply chain continues to increase in an all-round way: chips, screens, CMOS, storage, batteries, off-screen fingerprints, glass covers, fuselage materials and other self-developed technologies and domestic supply chains are expected to continue to increase in an all-round way.


Report text: top Ten Insights into China's smartphone Market in 2024

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