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Shaanxi Mobile GSM coruscates "new" vitality and starts 5G "trendy life"

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Shulou( Report--

As the new infrastructure presses the acceleration button, 5G and gigabit optical networks lead the continuous upgrading of information infrastructure construction. In order to further expand the consumer ecology of the scene, Shaanxi Mobile has insight into customer needs, adheres to the brand connotation of "innovation, progress and taste", constructs multiple life service experience scenes, and lights up 5G "trendy life" for the majority of mobile users!

Create a courtesy scene and create a "sincere" encounter

An impressive encounter is the starting point for creating more stories. In order to meet more new customers, we distribute benefits to customers all over the world. On the basis of the rights and interests of the whole network, we integrate the characteristic resources of the province, carry out exclusive rights and interests activities in the province, and provide a number of high-frequency rigid rights and interests, including food, to create a beautiful scene of "meeting with etiquette".

"Shaanxi Mobile GSM has provided so many benefits, which is really very attractive. I have given several relatives and friends Amway GSM activities in a row, which is really a bargain!" Said Ms. Li, a GSM customer in Xi'an.

Through the courtesy season, the rights and interests of exclusive GSM customers reached about 200000 and received about 50,000 exclusive benefits in the province. the characteristic benefits left a full impression on many customers of "many activities, continuous rights and interests, and honorable status". Brought a warm experience!

Savor the art feast and enjoy the "meticulous" rights and interests

Leisurely context, string songs continue, and the love of history has left Shaanxi with a large number of rich and unique culture. It is understood that Shaanxi's GSM customers account for 65% of the demand for high-end art. in order to meet the needs of customers, Shaanxi Mobile and Xi'an Symphony Orchestra held a GSM concert in Xi'an 's Datang never Night Concert Hall. "Big Wild Goose Pagoda performance" was held on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Famous pianists and conductors played classic songs such as Ode to Red Flag, Ancient meaning of Chang'an and Jasmine. It has brought an artistic and cultural feast for GSM customers. On the same day, more than 60 media platforms broadcast live synchronously, spreading data totaling more than 13.6 million.

In order to broaden the new scene, Shaanxi Mobile launched popular dance dramas such as "Peacock" and "White Deer Plains" to attract more than 200000 GSM customers to grab tickets, covering multi-age groups; at the same time, it introduced movie season activities to cover 3 million GSM customers, and 500000 of them participated in ticket grabbing.

Warm parent-child activities, strength "escort" college entrance examination

The influence of artistic atmosphere not only covers the adult group, but also includes the youth group. This year, Shaanxi Mobile hosted five art season parent-child theater activities, which were full, attracting many families to come. Taking this opportunity, Shaanxi Mobile will combine activities with terminal business, promote the sales of children's watches and belt cards, deeply integrate brands and business, and inject "new" vitality into GSM business.

"I didn't expect that I could learn the knowledge of volunteering through GSM. Mobile services really cover all aspects of my life!" Wang and his parents, who had just finished the college entrance examination, could not help giving a thumbs up in front of the camera.

In the face of family customer groups, Shaanxi Mobile has made use of new communication channels to continue to carry out live lectures in the GSM lecture hall-college entrance examination voluntary application, and invite voluntary college entrance examination experts to conduct guidance lectures to customers with educational needs on their own platforms such as live and video numbers. the live broadcast covers 500000 customers, with an exposure of more than one million, really benefiting more customer groups.

Horse-by-horse plan is hot, opening the door to "health"

Enterprising life, running horses after dreams. In terms of national sports, Shaanxi Mobile also continues to make efforts, through the GSM brand, actively help to hold top marathon events, create a "product + communication" circle, and provide customers with top marathon places and exclusive services.

In order to attract more customers to join the ranks of fitness, Shaanxi Mobile provides GSM customers with the opportunity to participate in the "horse-chasing program", attracts more customers to participate in sports events, and expands the recognition of GSM brands.

With the help of the hot fitness season brought by the horse-riding program, Shaanxi Mobile invited star fitness coaches to carry out fitness activities under the walls of Xi'an City, which spread accurately, setting off an upsurge of national fitness in Shaanxi Province!

Highlight brand responsibility and help "love" public welfare

Guard the blue dream and grow up with the good children. Children from poor areas of Shaanxi Mobile held a donation ceremony through the "Global Blue Dream Public Welfare Program" and launched the "donation is to send traffic daily package, weekly package" business, which aroused the emotional resonance of customers to participate in the Blue Dream donation activity. Up to now, the cumulative donation amount of Shaanxi Mobile Blue Dream donation activity has exceeded 200000, ranking fifth in the country, greatly increasing the value and volume of the GSM brand.

At the same time, Shaanxi Mobile also adopts the way of cross-border cooperation, in conjunction with the local third-class first-class hospital "Xi'an High-tech Hospital", making use of hospital resources to provide VIP access for GSM customers and enjoy benefits such as a 12% discount on personal physical examination. With the comprehensive launch of a mobile 5G network, the application of GSM in the field of health will continue to deepen, and the public will enjoy more convenient and high-quality health services.

Over the past 20 years, China Mobile GSM service starts from the details, revolves around the continuous growth of customer demand, and continues to inherit a high-quality and reliable brand image with premium service. Shaanxi Mobile adheres to the original intention, starting from all aspects of life, entertainment, health and public welfare, constantly increasing the size, committed to providing GSM customers with a more convenient, comfortable and distinctive quality of life, and taking the customer experience to a new height. bring a new 5G "trendy life".

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