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Huawei Jingyun S520 is worth more than Xinhua for the commercial year-end procurement festival to help small and medium-sized enterprises work efficiently.

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The Huawei Commercial year-end Purchasing Festival opened from November 27 to December 20, 2023. During the event, Huawei Qingyun S520, a new notebook product for small and medium-sized enterprises, launched Mall. During the event, you can enjoy a discount of up to 600 yuan.

As a lightweight and versatile business book specifically for small and medium-sized enterprise users, Huawei Qingyun S520 adopts business aesthetic design to enrich the interface and efficient office capabilities, and help small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their smart office experience. In the face of complex office scenes, product quality, network environment and smooth connection of peripherals are the basic guarantee of office efficiency. In this regard, each product of Huawei Jingyun S520 has undergone 60 + strict reliability tests, and the keyboard area has IPX1 protection grade. In addition to using metamaterial dual antenna design to support high-speed Wi-Fi 6 network, Huawei Optimus S520 is also equipped with RJ45 network interface to cope with situations where wired network connection is required; on peripheral connection, in addition to regular USB-C full-function interface, HDMI and other interfaces, Huawei Optimus S520 is also equipped with MicroSD card slot to meet the external connection needs of users in more scenarios.

In addition, SME users also have to face challenges such as multi-device collaboration and multi-task simultaneously. It is worth mentioning that, relying on smart capabilities such as HyperTerminal, Huawei Optimus S520 can be pulled together with other Huawei giant cloud terminal devices. Cross-device office needs such as file transfer can be easily realized, creating an efficient and convenient new intelligent office experience for SME users.

During the event, Huawei Optimus S520 is equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core ™i5 processor, equipped with 16GB memory and 512G hard disk version, the price is reduced from 4499 yuan to 4099 yuan, users can enjoy a discount of 400 yuan; with the 12th generation Intel Core ™i7 processor, equipped with 16G memory and 1T hard disk version, the price is reduced from 5499 yuan to 4999 yuan. In addition, enterprise members can also enjoy a time-limited reduction of 100 yuan on the basis of the above concessions (the specific price shall prevail on the page).

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