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New Year's Day short holiday train tickets went on sale on December 16, and China Railway issued a ticket purchase guide.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues on the way! According to news on December 14, China Railway issued a ticket purchase guide today. From December 16, passengers can buy train tickets on the first day of New Year's Day's holiday (December 30).

▲ map source China Railway official WeChat, the same below how to inquire about the start-up time? Open the railway 12306App and click "my" on the home page to find the "start-up time" in the "Travel Guide". Enter the station and date you need to query, and you can find the ticket start-up time of the station and the same city station ( Note: the start-up time of different stations is different).

How to improve the success rate of ticket purchase? Users can submit a number of "date, train, seat" combination of alternate orders, and then increase the success rate of alternate ticket purchase. Each user can have 2 standby orders, each alternate order can contain 2 adjacent bus dates, each bus date can contain 5 different "train times + seats" combination demand, and each alternate order can add up to 9 passengers.

How to check the big screen of the station? Railway 12306App "station big screen" function can check the train status, ticket gate, late status, select the station and train to inquire, you can see the train number, final arrival, departure time, waiting room, ticket gate, train status, the lower right corner "pay attention to the itinerary" can check the train trip information.

How to get the reimbursement voucher? If reimbursement vouchers are required, passengers should, within 180 days before departure or the date of travel, go to the station ticket window or automatic ticket vending machine to exchange reimbursement vouchers with the original valid identity documents used when purchasing tickets. After the railway electronic passenger ticket is changed, the reimbursement voucher can be reprinted (Note: "itinerary information prompt" and reimbursement voucher can not be used as travel voucher).

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