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Great Wall Motor announced the opening of its new energy and environmental testing platform to the whole industry, calling for the elimination of "commercial maintenance testing".

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, recently, understand the car emperor "winter test" controversy sparked a heated discussion throughout the network, including Huawei, Great Wall Motor, Geely all questioned the test standards.

Great Wall Automobile held a communication meeting today to question the winter test standards of Chudi, and announced the opening of a new energy environmental test platform to the whole industry, including the Great Wall Xushui test site and Heihe winter test base, as well as all its new energy test equipment.

Li Ruifeng, CGO of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., said that because of the different technical positions, it is obviously unreasonable to simply use a set of self-created methods to test all vehicles, so it is all the more necessary to explore promotion and create co-construction. learned from the official that the test platform provided by Great Wall Motor covers not only the conventional environment, but also extreme environments such as extremely hot, extremely cold, high temperature, humidity and high altitude, providing all-climatic environment wind tunnel laboratory, Heihe winter extremely cold vehicle road test site, 8 sets of high and low temperature vehicle environment silo, 14 sets of parts-40 °C test bench and other equipment.

At the same time, Great Wall Motor also demonstrated its standard verification system and test standards, which aims to "promote more scientific, professional, rigorous and impartial testing of China's new energy vehicles."

In addition, Great Wall Motor has put forward seven initiatives:

1. The environmental testing of new energy vehicles should adhere to the principle of centering on the actual needs of users and be responsible for the immediate interests of users.

two。 The environmental testing of new energy vehicles should follow the relevant national laws and regulations and standards recognized by the industry.

3. Strict procedure certification should be established for environmental testing of new energy vehicles, and professional and technical support should be provided by professionals.

4. Chinese automobile companies should actively open up professional resources, provide professional competence and share professional testing experience.

5. Chinese auto companies should provide users with high-quality products that can stand the severe test, and keep an open attitude to normal public opinion evaluation.

6. All parties in the industry should correctly understand the responsibility of guiding public opinion, maintain a fair and just environment of public opinion, and eliminate the influence of "business maintenance test" on the test conclusion.

7. All parties in the industry should actively respond to the joint formulation of environmental testing standards for new energy vehicles and promote the release and application of standards.

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