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Polar Krypton car released the first self-developed "BRICS" battery: polar Krypton 007 first launch, charging 15 minutes to increase 500km battery life

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, today, polar krypton energy day 2023 and BRICS battery conference was officially held in Quzhou, the meeting, the official launch of the polar krypton battery, and will be launched in the pure electric luxury car polar krypton 007.

According to reports, the volume utilization rate of the BRICS battery reached 83.7%, thus breaking the limitation of the traditional lithium iron phosphate battery and becoming the automobile power battery with the highest volume utilization rate in the world.

Polar Krypton announced that the BRICS battery is the fastest mass-produced lithium iron phosphate battery in the world. it has a global 800V architecture and matches 800V pole charging technology, which can increase the battery life of the super-500km in 15 minutes.

Compared with other 800V products on the market, even in a low temperature environment of-10 ℃, the charging efficiency of BRICS batteries is at least 10% higher than that of similar products.

At the same time, the BRICS battery also passed the first limit safety test of three major industries, claiming to be the safest lithium iron phosphate battery in mass production in the world. the industry passed the limit test of "overpressure acupuncture" for the first time. More than 30% shape variable + 5mm steel needle penetrated and guaranteed not to catch fire and not to explode! summarizes the highlights of BRICS batteries:

Eight major thermal safety protection technologies, which put the hidden danger of fire in a cage to realize the real-time protection of the global security of the battery package.

Exclusive gold high voltage insulation film, which can withstand 4000V DC high voltage, and the high voltage resistance is increased by 27%.

The highest volume utilization in the world is 83.7%.

The maximum charge rate is 4.5C, and the battery life of the rechargeable 15min increases over the 500km.

Discharge rate of 3-second pulse is 16C

Zero hundred acceleration for 3 seconds

Fast charging speed increases by 25% in-10 °C low temperature environment

Laminated multipole ear structure design, temperature control is more efficient, heat distribution is more uniform

Double riveted pole diversion design, increasing overcurrent capacity by 100%

The production efficiency is increased by 40%, and the cost of single kWh is reduced by 14.8%.

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