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Hideo Kojima's "death stranded" live-action film official announced that A24, the producer of "the whole Universe", was involved in the production.

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Shulou( Report-- December 15 news, Kojima Studio announced on the 14th that, approaching the eighth anniversary, it announced that the film copyright would be granted exclusively to A24, and signed an international co-production agreement to co-produce a live-action film adapted by game creator Hideo Kojima's DEATH STRANDING (death stranded). Note: A24 is a global entertainment company that owns the movie "the Universe" and the Netflix TV series "Life in anger". It has built a library of more than 110 films, including "genetic doom", "Moonlight Boy", "rough Diamond" and "Spring break", as well as more than 30 TV series, including Emmy-winning series "excitement" and Golden Globes-winning series "Lamy".

Hideo Kojima said: "A24 was born about 10 years ago, they are unique in the industry, is a unique company. Their films are very wonderful, I have been following this company with resonance. Their innovative way of storytelling coincides with Kojima Studios, and we will make DS movies together."

At the same time, Hideo Kojima also said that the studio needs to do more than just "translate" the game, and that the film will "not only satisfy gamers, but also make fans excited about it."

It is said that the studio will create a "death stranded" world that has never been seen before, "a world that only movies can create."

"death stranded" is an open world action adventure game developed by Kojima Studio and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is the first game work published by the famous game producer Hideo Kojima since Kolomi became independent. The theme of the game is "Link". Players need to reconnect all parts of the United States by transporting all kinds of important goods on the already deserted continental United States to create a new America.

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