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Technology last night this morning 1215: Yu Minhong denied that Dongfang selected CEO Sun Donghu and Dong Yuhui to choose one of the two; NetEase Anti-Super Beauty Group became the fourth largest Internet company in China by market capitalization; Intel C

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Shulou( Report--

Hello, everyone. It is Friday, December 15, 2023. Today's important technological information is as follows:

1, the news said that pinduoduo negotiated to promote Nike to enter, on the condition that the lowest price in the network, according to the news obtained by Leifeng, Nike Olai flagship store may be settled in pinduoduo in the near future. According to people familiar with the matter, in the second half of this year, pinduoduo investigated shoes and clothing brands led by Nike. It also includes head brands such as Bosideng and Youngor.

It is reported that in order to win the greater trust of the brand, pinduoduo is also promoting the signing of an underwriting agreement with a strong brand, similar to "gambling". During the negotiations, pinduoduo can guarantee that Nike will be given an annual sales guarantee of no less than several hundred million yuan, while Nike needs to ensure that the products provided to Pinduo are the lowest price in the network. > > View details

2. Recently, the test results of the latest pure electric range test of mixed and extended range models have been released, and the 2023 winter test results of a number of popular new energy vehicles have aroused controversy. At 9: 00 on December 14 in Mohe, where the winter test open day was held at minus 40 degrees, the plug / extended pure electric range was tested again and broadcast live, and some car companies, media and user representatives were invited to the scene to experience and supervise.

The test results are somewhat unexpected, Lecker 08EM-P only pure electric driving 6.5km, the boundary M7 only pure electric driving 10.6km, the test is over. It should be noted that the engine fault light was lit during the preparation of Lecker 08EM-P, and it is necessary to exit the test according to the normal testing procedure, but because it is an open day activity, it is not included in the official results, so it still follows the team test. In addition, it's not that the M7 ran out of power after only running 10.6km, but at this time the engine intervened and the battery left 33%. > > View details

3. The handset manuscript of Honor Magic6 Porsche Design has been exposed, and it is reported that tablets and headphones are also expected to be linked. After Glory Guan Xuan joined Porsche Design, blogger @ fixed focus Digital shared a designer manuscript, which is expected to come from Magic6 Porsche design version.

As can be seen from the manuscript, the back of the Glory new plane is integrated into the lines of the Porsche sports car, and the Honor and the Porsche design logo are arranged vertically. In addition, the camera module of the new machine uses the design of the outer circle and the rectangle of the inner ring, combined with Porsche design lines, making the new machine highly recognizable. > > View details

4. NetEase became the fourth largest Internet company in China by market capitalization. When Hong Kong shares closed on December 13, NetEase surpassed Meituan with a market capitalization of 542.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, becoming the fourth largest Internet company in China by market capitalization, after Tencent, pinduoduo and Alibaba. > > View details

5. A Chinese court issued the world's first 5G fee verdict. OPPO vs. Nokia recently, Chongqing No. 1 Intermediate people's Court issued a judgment of first instance in the case of OPPO v. Nokia Standard essential Patent royalty dispute [case No.: (2021) Yu 01 No. 1232 of the beginning of the Republic of China], confirming Nokia 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standard essential patent portfolio global fair, reasonable and non-discrimination (FRAND) license rates. This judgment is the first global license fee judgment for standard essential patents made by the judicial authorities of our country. > > View details

6. The official announcement of Q & J M9 and Huawei Winter full scene Conference was held on December 26, while Yu Chengdong said proudly that the "redefinition of Smart car" would be held at 14:30 on December 26. Huawei Yu Chengdong said: the M9 is the full-size flagship SUV of the technologically leading generation. We not only bring all the best Huawei smart car technology to the car, but also for the first time let the SUV achieve the same flat floor as MPV, with six equal-weight first-class experience seats, each super comfortable, spacious and really enjoyable. > > View details

7. Intel Core Ultra Mobile processor release: using Intel 4 technology, core display performance doubled in today's "make AI ubiquitous" event, Intel released the original Core Ultra mobile processor. The Core Ultra is the first processor based on the Intel 4 process and represents Intel's most significant architectural change in 40 years, officials said. The Intel Core Ultra processor uses the Neural Network processing Unit (NPU), Intel's first on-chip AI accelerator for the client, bringing energy-efficient AI acceleration to new heights, delivering 2.5 times the energy efficiency performance of the previous generation. > > View details

8. China successfully launched a reusable test spacecraft. China successfully launched a reusable test spacecraft with a long March 2F carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite launch Center on December 14, the last 276 days in orbit. The spacecraft will return to the domestic scheduled landing site after operating in orbit for a period of time, during which reusable technical verification and space science experiments will be carried out as planned to provide technical support for the peaceful use of space. > > View details

9. Huawei Hongmeng application development talents are in short supply, and many universities have set up "Hongmeng classes". According to, 23 985 universities and 46 211 universities have offered or are about to offer HarmonyOS-related courses, among which Nanjing University has taken HarmonyOS as the core content of the "Mobile Internet Software Engineering" course, replacing the original Android development course. > > View details

10. Yu Minhong responded to the "small composition" storm by denying that CEO Sun Donghu and Dong Yuhui were selected by Oriental. According to Sina Technology, New Oriental founder Yu Minhong denied that CEO Dong Yuhui chose one of the two, saying, "it's all right, it's not so serious." previously, according to the whips, an internal chat transcript shows that Yu Minhong is currently facing the situation of protecting CEO Sun Donxu or anchor Dong Yuhui's choice of one of the two. > > check the details.

11. DJI released the DJI Ronin 4D integrated 8K cinema machine, which costs 84887 yuan. DJI DJI officially released the integrated 8K cinema machine Ronin 4D-8K on December 14, which newly upgraded the 8K imaging system, equipped with Zen X9-8K pan-top camera, and supported full-frame 8K / 60fps and 4K / 120fps video recording.

In terms of price, the DJI Ronin 4D-8K set includes DL PZ 17-28 mm lens, PROSSD 1TB and card warehouse, RAW license, etc., out of the box, the price is 84887 yuan. At the same time, the price of the DJI Zen X9-8K head camera is 19999 yuan. > > View details

12. Polar krypton car released the first self-developed "BRICS" battery: polar Krypton 007, charging for 15 minutes increased 500km service life on December 14, extreme Krypton Energy Day 2023 and BRICS battery conference was officially held in Quzhou. At the meeting, the polar Krypton Brick battery was officially released, and the first launch will be carried in the pure electric luxury car. Polar Krypton announced that the BRICS battery is the fastest mass-produced lithium iron phosphate battery in the world. it has a global 800V architecture and matches 800V pole charging technology, which can increase the battery life of the super-500km in 15 minutes. > > View details

At the meeting, Polar Krypton released the latest energy replenishment strategy, along with new extremely charged V3 piles, 20kW home charging piles, 1515 convenient electricity and smart power sharing technology. Polar krypton 1515 convenient electricity, that is, 15 minutes to find the stake + 15 minutes to charge, the goal is to cover 76% of polar krypton owners in 2024, 90% in 2025 and 95% in 2026. > > View details

13, 2299 yuan, vivo S18 / Pro series of mobile phones officially released: the whole series of mobile phones equipped with vivo self-developed AI blue heart model vivo S18 series are officially released, which are divided into vivo S18e, vivo S18 and vivo S18 Pro, of which S18 will be officially launched on December 22, S18 Pro and S18e will be officially launched on January 13. The summary price is as follows:

Vivo S18e (Tianji 7200)

2099 yuan for 12GB+256GB version

2299 yuan for 12GB+512GB version

Vivo S18 (Snapdragon 7 Gen 3)

2299 yuan for 8GB+256GB version

2599 yuan for 12GB+256GB version

2799 yuan for 12GB+512GB version

2999 yuan for 16GB+512GB version

Vivo S18 Pro (Tianji 9200 +)

3199 yuan for 12GB+256GB version

3499 yuan for 16GB+256GB version

16GB+512GB version 3699 CNY > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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