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It took a year for Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturers to depict about 300 Kumamoto bears on wafers.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, according to the Nippon Economic News, Japanese semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer DISCO recently presented a special semiconductor wafer to Kumamoto Prefecture during the SEMICON Japan Semiconductor International Exhibition in Tokyo.

The wafer is 300mm in diameter, and the company has depicted about 300 Kumamoto bears on it. According to reports, this wafer shows Disco's "cutting, cutting, grinding" technology.

The company formed a team of 14 employees and took a year to complete the wafer. In particular, the team worked hard on the "flush" of Kumamoto's cheeks, which used the properties of silicon to enable it to pass through only red light, he said.

The company said it had a research and development facility in Yicheng town, Kumamoto prefecture, and chose to do so because of this fate, as well as the idea of supporting the local semiconductor industry.

At the exhibition site, Kumamoto said after receiving the gift, "I'm so happy to receive such a powerful thing!"

TSMC and other semiconductor companies have built factories in Kumamoto prefecture, where there is active semiconductor-related investment. As previously reported by, TSMC's Kumamoto plant in Japan has made significant progress, sending and recruiting more than 1000 people as of October, and plans to start mass production in 2024.

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