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Douyin e-commerce released the "potential Brand growth Plan", and the four-hit method helped the brand to accelerate its growth in the whole world.

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In the past year, a large number of merchants successfully seized the growth opportunities of global interest e-commerce to achieve an overall business breakthrough: in the past Douyin Mall double 11 good things Festival, Douyin e-commerce double 11 day GMV growth of 244%, shelf GMV growth of 289%, search GMV growth of 397%, all breaking the annual peak, badminton brand Victor to expand new opportunities for shelves, global GMV increased 102% compared with the same period last year. Milk powder brand Feihe strengthened the deep cooperation of head talent, and the global GMV increased by 287% compared with the same period last year. And these incremental brands, not "take a chance", their success has a rule to follow.

How can merchants do a good job in the basic skills of e-commerce and activate the global interest in e-commerce business? How to unleash the growth potential and tap the new increments of business? In order to help brands improve their business ability in an all-round way, find the right business direction, and continue to unleash their potential, Douyin e-commerce has launched a potential brand growth plan and issued a practical guide to "growth Accelerator" to help more merchants activate new business increments.

How can brands maximize their potential and constantly achieve business breakthroughs? with the three steps of "basic self-examination", "advanced diagnosis" and "directional breakthrough", the "growth Accelerator" analyzes the problems of brand management from shallow to deep, clarifies the breakthrough ideas of business management, and refines the successful brand experience. Summed up four effective ways to play, whether they want to make breakthroughs in shelves, marketing, or in talent cooperation, self-management content. Can refer to the "growth Accelerator" for reference.

Basic self-examination: look at the indicators and lay a good foundation for growth

The growth of platform e-commerce business and whether the key indicators are achieved or not directly affect the performance of brands in the platform. For some brands, the growth of the e-commerce track is not obvious, due to the lack of a solid foundation. At this time, it is particularly important to do a good job of basic self-examination. To do e-commerce with global interest and grasp the three key points of points, goods and market is the key to lay a good foundation.

"score" is the business experience score and mall management score, the harvest of high scores can not only help shops get flow awards, but also the entry threshold for businesses to participate in key platform activities, scores are not up to standard, people do not bring goods, various activities can not be reported. "goods" refers to goods. Brands with diversified commodity lines and reasonable price positioning can get a higher rebate ratio and display opportunities. "Market" is not only the operating field, but also the most direct connection point between consumers and brands. Through the reasonable construction of the transaction scene, commodity information can be better optimized and recommended.

How to improve the index of score, goods and market efficiently? The potential brand "growth Accelerator" provides guidance on the promotion of basic data by means of clue supplements, participating in activities and optimizing information, so as to help brands open up new areas for business growth.

Advanced diagnosis: look at yourself compared to your peers and find the right growth direction

Basic self-examination can be said to be the practice of brand basic skills, but in the face of fierce market competition, brands also need to observe the external environment and find opportunities from market changes. Therefore, advanced diagnosis, clear brand positioning and differentiation advantages, find the direction of brand growth and growth breakthrough is the key.

For potential brands, where there is a deficiency, there may be opportunities. Brands need to pay close attention to market trends and changes in consumer demand, find problems with standard TOP brands, and flexibly adjust peer-to-peer comparison strategies.

Looking at the opportunities from the proportion of business in each field of FACT+S, looking at the direction from the trend of business growth, finding breakthroughs in the brands and key indicators of the target industry, and relying on the advanced diagnosis of "growth accelerator", brands can quickly find the right growth direction and optimize operation.

Directional breakthrough: there are methods and practical operations to accelerate growth breakthrough

Through the analysis of the above two steps, the brand has a relatively clear judgment on the direction of growth, at this time, how to operate has become the key. "growth Accelerator" provides four ways to help brand-oriented breakthroughs with different business demands.

Play method 1: the shelf runs quickly and increases steadily all over the world.

Play method 1 is widely applicable to all kinds of businesses that need to make a breakthrough in the "shelf". In the global interest e-commerce, the shelf operating cost is more advantageous. Once the brand has accumulated rich and complete shelf experience, it can be reused and translated to the full product line. Do a good job of "goods + search + malls + stores" four-dimensional promotion, all kinds of brands can be in Douyin e-commerce through "shelf run", low cost pry high revenue.

Since the arrival of the international well-known head badminton brand VICTOR (Victor), it has continued to carry out self-broadcasting. After seeing the incremental opportunities of platform shelves, the brand has actively expanded the shelf on the basis of self-broadcast. Taking the commodity as the center, ploughing search, shopping malls, and cupboards, efficiently undertaking content farm traffic, and seizing the opportunity of Douyin e-commerce shelf growth, led to a 102% year-on-year surge in global GMV, of which the shelf GMV contribution rate was as high as 77%, making it the core increment of the brand.

Play 2: good goods and good prices, accelerated marketing

How can brand merchants who attach importance to brand building and commodity content recommendation and make breakthroughs in "marketing" get the second outbreak of the growth curve on the platform?

The key point is the combination of good goods and high prices with accelerated marketing. MCM contributed a successful case in Singles Day this year. By forecasting popular Singles Day products, reserving inventory and giving good price discounts, and carrying out joint marketing with Douyin e-commerce festival alliance plan, online and offline all-channel linkage, accelerating the drainage of Douyin live rooms and shelves, it increased by 200% compared with 618-node global GMV, of which brand explosions contributed 50% + global GMV.

In Douyin e-commerce, if the brand invests good goods, the platform will mobilize and integrate the best quality resources, and at the same time, it can also spill over the whole channel. Where there is input, there will be results, and the growth will have certainty. The platform provides brand new, node outbreak, member marketing and other specific business scenarios integrated solutions, focus on breakthroughs, more targeted.

Play method 3: talent expansion, global magnification

Talent cooperation is an important part of the global interest of brands in the outbreak of e-commerce business. Touda cooperation can quickly enhance brand awareness and detonate sales, and mid-waist talent matrix can help brands expand consumers deeply. Whether it is a high unit price, heavy content recommendation, growth and mature brand merchants with a certain foundation, or brand merchants with a large number of SKU and an average price of less than 100 yuan, they can achieve business growth by choosing the right talent.

Take Touda cooperation as an example, milk powder head brand Feihe has established deep cooperation with Chaotou and industry head talent, driving the global growth of shelf scenes, and the brand has made use of the influence of mother and child products among fans to turn talent fans into brand members. maximize the value of head talent.

On the other hand, the expanding circle strength of the mid-waist talent is also strongly reflected in the excellent service of the kitchen and storage brand. Through the large-scale cooperation of the selected alliance, you can quickly promote 1500 + goods in the store, carry 100000 of the goods per month, and enlarge the scale of the global business. The talent contributed 56% increment GMV.

Play 4: the content is open source, the shelf is the same as the rise

Play 4 is widely applicable to all kinds of brands, especially those who need to make breakthroughs in "proprietary content". Through the Douyin e-commerce to do a good job of field coordination, picture and text carriers, matrix numbers a variety of ways to achieve open source content, can help this kind of brand upgrade the basic content disk, attract large traffic to bring good business.

Such as the well-known brand YSL (Saint Laurent). As courtesy scenes continue to rise on Douyin e-commerce, YSL (Saint Laurent) hopes to seize the market increment and cut into new scenes: in 2022, brand self-broadcast will increase its exclusive gift account, especially at gift-giving nodes such as Valentine's Day and Qixi Festival, to improve the overall live broadcast duration; while the brand is open-source, it can do a good job of commodity card operation and maintenance to undertake "courtesy" related traffic. In the month of Qixi Festival in 2023, gift account contributed 35% + of the brand's global GMV.

We can see that in Douyin e-commerce, do a good job in field collaboration, popular style content to promote global increment, and do a good job in the fine operation of the shelves, you can undertake incremental revenue.

Different types of play are suitable for businesses with different demands, no matter which industry, which volume, whether they are mature brands or growth brands, can use the "growth accelerator" to tap their potential in Douyin e-commerce and embrace deterministic business growth.

How to use the right strategy to seize growth opportunities? Douyin e-commerce potential brand growth plan-"growth Accelerator" three-step, to improve brand conversion efficiency, activate business growth to provide methodological guidance, help potential brands in Douyin e-commerce to usher in a new increment. In the future, Douyin e-commerce will continue to help more merchants activate new business growth.

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