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The new generation of man-made sun "China Circulation No. 3" is open to the world.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, the Southwest Institute of Physics of the Nuclear Industry of China Nuclear Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Western objects) issued a notice today, saying that an agreement was signed between the headquarters of the International Thermonuclear Experimental reactor (ITER) and the International Thermonuclear Experimental reactor (ITER) in Cadalach, France, on December 14, announcing that the new generation of artificial sun, "China Circulation No. 3," will be opened to the world.

Tu Yuan: the official website of the Southwest Institute of Physics of CNNC invites scientists from all over the world to come to China to gather wisdom and jointly pursue the energy dream of "artificial sun".

Pietro BARABASCHI, director-general of ITER Organization, and Luo Delong, Deputy Director-General of ITER Organization, were present to witness the signing of the agreement on behalf of Yutaka KAMADA, Deputy Director-General of Science of ITER Organization, and Liu Ye, president of the Institute of Western Materials.

"China Circulation No. 3" is a large scientific device of nuclear fusion with the highest design parameters and the largest scale in China, which is also known as China's new generation of "artificial sun". Note: China Circulation No. 3 successfully realized a highly constrained operation mode under 1 million amperes of plasma current in August this year, indicating that the operation level of China's magnetically confined nuclear fusion devices has stepped into the forefront of the world. The International Thermonuclear Experimental reactor ITER is the largest "artificial sun" project in the world.

Picture source: the opening of China Nuclear Corporation's Wechat official account China Circulation No. 3 can not only focus on key technical issues of concern to ITER organizations, but also improve China's R & D capabilities and personnel training.

Director-General Barabaski expressed expectation that China Circulation 3 will serve as a global open platform for the future, and introduced the latest progress and challenges of the ITER project.

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"artificial Sun" China Circulation No. 3 has made significant scientific research progress and once again refreshed the operation record of magnetic confinement fusion equipment in China. "

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