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The Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence signed an academic fund cooperation agreement with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd and Pengcheng Laboratory.

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On December 12, the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence, Pengcheng Laboratory and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. signed an academic cooperation agreement at Huawei Sakata base in Shenzhen. Dai Qionghai, president of the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of Pengcheng Laboratory, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Wen, Huawei Fellow, and Xu Wenwei, director of the scientists Advisory Committee, attended and witnessed the signing of the contract. Liu Hong, vice president of the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence and professor of Peking University, Wang Xiaoguo, executive vice minister of the scientific research department of Pengcheng Laboratory, and Shi Pei, minister of ecological development of Huawei's computing product line, signed the cooperation on behalf of the three parties.

Based on this cooperation, the three parties will give full play to their respective advantages, the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence will provide a platform, Huawei will do a good job in software and hardware technology, funding and other support, and Pengcheng Laboratory will give full play to the backbone leading role and arithmetic advantages of the national strategic scientific and technological strength. The three sides will complement each other to jointly promote the construction of an innovation platform and help developers of universities and scientific research institutes, so as to enable a variety of models and enable China's artificial intelligence to do thousands of things.

Academician Dai Qionghai said: through close academic cooperation in the first phase, the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence and Huawei have given full play to their advantages and created a very good platform for academic innovation in artificial intelligence, laying a solid foundation for this tripartite cooperation. the new phase of the academic project will work with Pengcheng Laboratory to achieve better results. I also hope that colleagues in the academic and industrial circles of artificial intelligence will work together to contribute to China's artificial intelligence innovation and contribute to the development of human society towards a new world of intelligence.

Director Xu Wenwei said: in the intelligent era, digital productivity has become the core engine to promote economic development and social progress. In the field of artificial intelligence, Huawei launched the Penton AI computing industry in 2018, continuously focusing on root technology, and the basic software and hardware platform of Penteng AI has now hatched and adapted to more than 50 mainstream models in the industry, providing a strong and solid foundation for the prosperity of China's artificial intelligence industry. This academic incubates the original innovation in the field of artificial intelligence around the open source AI framework thinking MindSpore and heterogeneous computing architecture CANN, which aims to promote artificial intelligence in the industry and win-win intelligence era with partners.

Academician Gao Wen pointed out: at present, Pengcheng Laboratory has developed the first fully autonomous and controllable E-level intelligent computing platform "Pengcheng Yunnao Ⅱ" large scientific device, and is making every effort to promote the special task of "China Computing Network". At the same time, great efforts have been made to develop the general AI model of "Pengcheng. Mind". The cooperation of this project can be regarded as a cornerstone of China's artificial intelligence industry-university-research cooperation. I hope to take this as an opportunity to carry out collaborative innovation in soft and hard science and technology, to build a solid computing base for China's digital economy, and to contribute to the high-quality development of China's artificial intelligence industry.

In the future, the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence will cooperate with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Pengcheng Laboratory to make continuous efforts in the incubation of achievements and personnel training, and make use of the original creativity of academia, combined with the original strength of enterprises. gather the atomic force of the developers of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to create an innovative, prosperous and healthy artificial intelligence industry ecology.

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