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NetEase game reached Hongmeng cooperation with Huawei.

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On December 15, NetEase announced that it had reached a cooperation with Huawei on Hongmeng Ecology and would launch Hongmeng native application development based on HarmonyOS NEXT. NetEase formally established the online Game Division in 2001, growing up with the majority of game lovers. After more than 20 years of rapid development, NetEase has become one of the seven largest game companies in the world. As a leading game development company in China, NetEase has been at the front end of the field of independent research and development of online games.

With the mainstream game engines and third-party game plug-ins have announced the completion of Hongmeng native adaptation, HarmonyOS NEXT has a certain game industrialization ability. At the same time, Huawei Game Center PGS provides tools and services to support HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation, which can effectively improve the efficiency of games. At the level of technical cooperation between the two sides, Hongmeng's soft-hardware cooperation and the Ark graphics engine can effectively improve the rendering effect of the game, reduce the game energy consumption and optimize the game performance. In addition, based on Hongmeng distributed technology, native intelligence and other capabilities, related products can virtualize Hongmeng HyperTerminal into a game controller, bringing users more diverse interactive games and innovative game experiences such as cross-end interaction.

Since the announcement of Hongmeng's pioneering game plan at the Huawei developers' conference this year, more than 60 game partners have joined Hongmeng's cooperation, and more than 50 games have completed the development of Hongmeng's native applications, showing a scene of "Hongmeng from a thousand sails". With the addition of more game partners, Hongmeng game categories and content are increasingly rich. Hongmeng's leading technology and high-quality game content integrate to further promote the industrialization and boutique development of the game industry. it provides a solid and strong support for the sustainable development of the game industry.

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