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Microsoft has launched an "application framework" for mobile platform Teams, and it is expected to use a third-party App on the same screen in meetings in the future.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua) Microsoft yesterday announced the launch of a framework called "mobile optimized framework" for mobile platform Teams conferencing applications, which allows the integration of third-party applications in Teams, and is expected to be able to use related App on the same screen in meetings in the future.

▲ source Microsoft official press release (the same below) it is reported that the relevant framework allows third-party applications to run in the Teams background and supports third-party applications to "send notifications", "synchronize data" and other work in the background, claiming to be able to "ensure data integrity while minimizing interference to the workflow". noted that Microsoft used the "translation app" to demonstrate, claiming that users had previously been unable to use the relevant functions in Teams meetings, and that the meeting would be interrupted once the Teams was cut out to open a third-party translation application. Now users can get the translation function at the same time in the meeting, which greatly improves the convenience of the meeting.

Microsoft mentioned that the feature would be provided in the form of "platform functionality" and that third-party developers would not need to write any additional code to let App run in the Teams background, achieving a "seamless experience".

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