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[evaluation room] Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-thin notebook experience: behind the slim figure is a powerful performance

2024-04-22 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

December 15, 2024 Asustek Core Ultra AI PC lightweight new product conference was officially held, at the press conference. Asustek launched its first Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-lightweight notebook with Intel Core Ultra7 notebook, which is positioned as an ultra-lightweight business office laptop and can be called a new generation of productivity artifact for business people.

So far, has got this night sky blue version of the new Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-thin book, needless to say, let's take a look at its actual experience through evaluation.

First, design as a lightweight book for business people, Lingyao 14 2024 focuses on frivolity and high quality. The laptop weighs only 1.19kg and the body is only 13.9mm, which is thinner than the previous generation of 1.3kg and 15.9mm. At first glance, it looks like two magazines piled on top of each other.

At the same time, the weight of the 1.19kg allows you to hold it with one hand, it is light and compact, it is very easy to carry, and you will hardly feel heavy when you go out.

Then look at the detailed design of the product. The blue color of the night sky is a dark cyan tone, a bit like the sky on a cloudy evening, with an elegant and low-key color, which is very consistent with the temperament of business people. The A side of the notebook is a simple design, four simple straight lines outline the shape of the "A" letter Logo, the whole design is simple and restrained.

The B side of the notebook is a 14-inch screen, with narrow borders on the left and right sides and slightly wider upper frames, with a row of microphones, cameras and sensor openings.

The whole C side of the notebook is also a blue color match in the night sky, including the keyboard and the trackpad, and the keyboard area and the plane where the trackpad is located are designed to make the whole look and feel a little more changed, so that it will not feel monotonous.

Lingyao 14 2024 touchpad area is still relatively large, sunken design, surrounded by highlight round chamfer, visually more exquisite.

The "intel evo" logo next to it indicates that it is a lightweight book certified by Intel's Evo platform.

The Lingyao 14 2024 has a strong wedge design, narrowing from C to D in a flat way, which will make the whole fuselage look lighter and thinner visually. The D side is mainly a cooling outlet and a soft rubber foot pad as well as a screw hole.

In terms of interface, Lingyao 14 2024 provides double Lightning 4 (support for DP 1.4+PD charging), a USB-A Gen1 interface, a HDMI Gen1 interface and a 3.5mm audio Jack.

On the whole, Lingyao 14 2024 night sky blue is calm and elegant in appearance, while its simple style and exquisite details make it have outstanding appearance, the most important thing is its extremely light body, thin as jade, so that its overall design to a higher level, very suitable for business people in a variety of occasions for mobile office.

Second, performance experience Lingyao 14 2024 is the first batch of new Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processors, this 6-performance core + 8-energy-efficiency core + 2 low-energy-efficiency core architecture, 22 threads, with 24MB three-level cache, Rui frequency up to 4.8GHz Ultra TDP for 28W.

GPU integrates a Ruixuan Arc integrated graphics card with a core frequency of 800MHz, which has a 2x performance improvement and supports 8K 10-bit HDR and AV1 codec.

At the same time, the new Intel Core Ultra processor uses Intel 4 process, based on EUV extreme UV lithography, and has a 20% improvement in performance and power consumption compared with Intel 7 process. It also uses FOVEROS 3D packaging technology, separate modular design, and built-in artificial intelligence NPU, which can achieve 8 times the efficiency of artificial intelligence and accelerate the power of AI.

Overall, Core Ultra series processors use the latest technology, and the improvement in energy consumption ratio is expected, as well as the performance of AI applications and basic productivity. So how does this core Ultra 7 155H processor perform on Lingyao 14 2024? The editor also took the test.

The Lingyao 14 2024 in 's hand has 32GB LPDDR5X 7467MHz memory and  1TB PCIe4.0 NVMe SSD. Specifically, first used "CineBench R20" to do the test, Lingyao 14 2024 achieved the results of single-core 698cb and multi-core 5464cb, which is very excellent.

In "CineBench R23", Lingyao 14 2024 achieved single-core 1789pts and multi-core 14015pts, which is basically similar to the previous generation of Intel Core i5 13505H.

Using the CPU-Z test, the Lingyao 14 2024 core Ultra 7 155H processor scored 695.2 for single thread performance and 7123.9 for multi-thread performance, which was also amazing.

Then the editor of Lingyao 14 2024 carried out a "3Dmark" Time Spy card running score of 3695 points, the overall performance is almost equivalent to GTX 1650, for an extremely frivolous business office book is still very excellent.

In "3Dmark", the Wild Life Extreme score is 7019, and the performance is still good.

In the "3Dmark" run score test, measured that the highest temperature of Lingyao 14 2024 fuselage is about 39.1 ℃ above the keyboard area, which can feel the heat, but it is not obvious. At the same time, you can hear the sound of the fan turning, which is equivalent to the smallest sound of the mini fan commonly used in summer, and it doesn't sound uncomfortable. It can be seen that the energy consumption level of Lingyao 14 2024 is still very excellent, which is mainly due to the upgrade of core Ultra 7 155H processor in terms of energy consumption ratio.

Hard disk read and write performance, the use of "Crystal DiskMark" measured Lingyao 14 2024 SEQ1M Q8T1 read score of 4945.66 MB/s, write score of 3502.11 MB/s, read and write performance is still very strong.

The above is the performance tested by a variety of running software. In the process of experience, also simulates daily office scenarios, such as opening a large 3.9GB with "Photoshop". Tif file, and then its radius of 70 pixels of Gaussian blur processing, processing time only takes about 6 seconds, this speed is really bright, it can be seen that Lingyao 14 2024 processing performance and hard disk read and write ability is very powerful.

Then, the editor tried to use "cut and show" to edit the video, importing several 4K resolution WEBM video materials into the software, you can see that the software can play very smoothly, constantly adjust the time pointer, and Lingyao 14 2024 can also respond very quickly and sensitively. In the past, used his own computer to "cut" video clips. Dragging the time pointer at 4K resolution would always delay, stutter, and even get the sound and picture out of sync, while using Lingyao 14 2024 to finish the work so smoothly, this is the strong performance that the editor really feels.

It takes about 4 minutes to export the video material to a 4K resolution 60fps MP4 format video of about 3 minutes, and this processing speed is also quite satisfactory.

Generally speaking, as an ultra-lightweight business office notebook, the performance of Lingyao 14 2024 in basic processing performance really amazed the editor. For business people, it is used to handle office affairs on a daily basis. Such as audio and video editing, document editing, graphic design and even running some professional software, are more than enough.

Third, screen experience in addition to the ultra-high performance provided by Intel Core Ultra processor, Lingyao 14 2024 also has an excellent screen. This is a 14-inch 2880 × 1800 resolution OLED Asus good screen, support 120Hz high refresh rate, 16:10 ratio, quadrilateral micro-frame design, 88% screen ratio, very visual impact when the screen is lit.

In terms of color gamut, Lingyao 14 2024 supports 100% P3 wide gamut coverage and supports four professional gamut switching, displaying 1 billion colors and 10 bit color depth. also tested it and found that the screen did cover 100% DCI-P3 gamut.

For example, the following group is the sRGB gamut and DisPlay P3 gamut version of the same photo. By switching between the two photos, the editor can clearly see that Lingyao 14 2024 can present the obviously richer and more delicate color changes of the DisPlay P3 gamut version. Of course, the effect of the following editor may not be very obvious, but it is actually a difference visible to the naked eye.

In terms of color accuracy, has also been tested. In the DisPlay P3 color gamut display mode, the average color deviation value of this screen is only 0.57, indicating that the color display accuracy is very high.

At the same time, Lingyao 14 2024 also has a peak brightness of 600Nitre, a high contrast of 1000000 1, and a DisplayHDR True Black 600 certification. It supports HDR video playback, HDR photo editing, HDR games, HDR web browsing and so on.

For example, in the following web page, there are two photos displayed on the same screen in the same scene, SDR photos on the left and HDR photos on the right. After Lingyao 14 2024 turns on the HDR display, the editor takes pictures of the display effect with the camera and focuses on the petals of the SDR photos on the left. You can see that the HDR on the right tends to be slightly overexposed. But in fact, the photo of HDR on the right side of the human eye is not overexposed, but because it is brighter and more accurate when displaying the highlights of the petals, which shows that Lingyao 14 2024 can accurately present the luminance information of the HDR level. When you actually look at the two photos, you can clearly see that the direct sunlight on the edge of the petals of the HDR photo is significantly brighter, and the dynamic range of the whole photo is also significantly wider. Due to the shooting equipment and display equipment, what you see may not be very obvious, but the actual difference in perception seen by the naked eye is visible at a glance.

For example, Xiaobian uses Lingyao 14 2024 to play the following HDR high-definition video. Take this scene where the sun shines on plants as an example, under the direct light in the morning, the penetration of the hairy needle on the edge of the plant gets a very realistic presentation. At the same time, the display of the highlight sky in the picture has no tendency to be overexposed. At the same time, the details of the backlit side of the plant can also be seen, not dark into a piece, the whole perception is very pleasing to the eye and transparent.

There is also the following blooming scene, in the delicate light and shadow changes, the texture of the petals jump on the screen, there is no extreme HDR dynamic range display ability, can not be so realistic.

In addition to the super display effect, the OLED screen of Lingyao 14 2024 also supports pixel-level compensation technology to prevent screen burning. at the same time, if the notebook is not in use for a period of time, Lingyao 14 2024 will automatically play a demonstration video of OLED Asustek screen to prevent the screen from burning at rest for a long time.

4. Other user experience as mentioned earlier, the core Ultra 7 155H processor equipped with Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-lightweight version not only has strong basic processing performance, but also brings a better local-side AI acceleration experience with the blessing of artificial intelligence NPU, especially today's hot AIGC, if it can be fully applied on the terminal side, it can really greatly improve the efficiency of our production and creation. Lingyao 14 2024 can achieve this.

Here, uses Demo, a large language model built by Intel, to test. This Demo integrates three large language models, including ChatGLM2, LLaMA2 and StarCoder, with up to 16 billion parameters. Install it on Lingyao 14 2024. During the test, the editor deliberately disconnects the notebook and runs this big language model locally to see how the AIGC experience of Lingyao 14 2024 runs.

The editor first asked it under the chat assistant function, "the leader on the wine table asked me to accompany the client to drink, but I can't drink it. How should I politely refuse?" The answer of this large model is excellent, and the response is so fast that it only uses 723.53ms to complete the response.

Then in the story creation mode, the editor asked, "the company's orientation party needs me to be the host, please help me write an opening statement of about 500 words." Sure enough, it wrote the opening remarks very quickly, and the copywriting was easy to read. If you encounter this kind of situation at work, it will take a long time to think and edit by yourself. Use the AI model on Lingyao 14 2024, and it will be done in minutes.

When writing copywriting in the big language model, the editor took a look at the scheduling of Lingyao 14 2024 performance resources. Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor occupancy reached 100%, memory footprint reached 11.2GB (35%), and Xe core footprint also reached 64%. It seems that this computing process is indeed carried out locally, which shows that the AI acceleration ability of Lingyao 14 2024 is satisfactory.

The following editor makes a test in combination with many scenarios that workers often encounter, that is, to write an outline for an activity or project. For example, the company needs to hold a small product communication meeting in Zhongshan Park, with a funding of 15000 yuan, and needs to invite 50 users to attend, including product experience, communication and interaction, and ask the big model to help work out a process outline.

For this very practical problem, Lingyao 14 2024 soon also gave a more detailed outline, Xiaobian looked at the specific feasibility is also good, according to the actual situation to change, can be used, and First Latency delay is only 1310.75ms, which is much more efficient than online search for various templates, as if PC has a natural function, this is a real increase in productivity.

Next, the editor tries to use the AI video cutting function of "cut and show" to create a video, from copywriting to video generation, all to AI to complete. You can see that running this function on Lingyao 14 2024 is very fast, and it takes less than 3 minutes to generate a video explaining the movie Forrest Gump with good copywriting and video material.

In addition, Lingyao 14 2024 also supports the use of strong AI capabilities to achieve microphone noise reduction, for example, in Asustek's own "My ASUS" software, you can set the working mode of the AI noise reduction microphone. has also tested this feature. During the test, the editor used sound around the room to simulate the white noise of some city traffic, and then used the original audio (turn off AI noise reduction) and directional recording mode to record a human voice in the system's own "tape recorder" software. compared with the two, let's see the noise reduction effect of Lingyao 14 2024.

From the comparison of the actual effect, after turning on the directional recording mode, Lingyao 14 2024 can indeed reduce the ambient noise very well, and we can only vaguely hear the sound of the car whistle during the pause, and the human voice reading directly in front of the notebook is clearer than the original audio mode.

In addition to the strong AI ability, what other editors want to say is the endurance performance of Lingyao 14 2024. In the test, tried to use this notebook to play local movies. The screen brightness of the notebook was set to 80%, the system volume was set to 40%, and the initial power was set to 100%. It played for about two and a half hours, and the remaining power of the system was 80%. The overall battery life performance was satisfactory.

In conclusion, 's impression of the new Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 is that "there is a lot of energy in a small body". As a 14-inch ultra-thin business office notebook, it is indeed very light and compact, and it is very convenient for business people to carry it to the office at any time.

In the past, such a light notebook we usually intuitive impression is that the performance can not keep up, but Lingyao 14 2024 shows the level of performance is really amazing, from the basic video and audio, document editing to a high load of ultra-high definition video clips and graphics design, it is relatively easy to deal with, coupled with strong local side AI acceleration ability, you can greatly improve your work efficiency. It can be said that this is one of the most ideal productivity artifacts for business people at this stage.

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