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Using browser History training equipment AI,Mozilla to publish MemoryCache Project

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua)-- Mozilla today launched a project called MemoryCache, which claims to be able to "combine local personal data with data stored in Firefox Firefox" to help developers enhance the device-side AI model and provide a "personalized experience."

▲ source Mozilla official press release noted that the actual role of the MemoryCache project is to "allow users to call the history of Firefox Firefox and train device-side AI". The project is mainly composed of a set of scripts and toolkits that provides a complete set of API, allowing developers to use open source models such as "privateGPT" to train "their own personalized AI".

▲ source Mozilla official press release specifically, the MemoryCache project contains a special plug-in for Firefox Firefox, which can store the data information generated by users using the browser to a local folder, as well as a Shell script that listens to the folder, and can call the script of the privateGPT model to analyze and process user data information, thus playing a "training role".

Official press release of ▲ image source Mozilla

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