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19 game partners participated in the Hongmeng original game cooperation ceremony to work with Huawei Game Center to promote independent innovation and high-quality development of the industry.

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On December 15, 19 game partners, including NetEase, Middle-hand Games, Dream World, Yi World and Le Niu Games, attended the cooperation ceremony of Hongmeng's original game. it was also announced that 10 games including "I am the big owner", "God Fire Continent" and "Giant Battlefield" had completed the development of Hongmeng's original games, and nine games including "Xianjian World", "Douluo Land: Shrek College" and "Dream Garden" had launched the development of Hongmeng's original games. Ao ran, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Audio, Video and Digital Publishing Association, CEO, Huawei Interactive Media Corps, Wu Hao, President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services Interactive Media BU, and many game industry partners attended the event. Huawei works with game partners to carry out omni-directional and in-depth Hongmeng ecological cooperation in technological innovation, industrial application and business win-win.

With the mainstream game engines such as Cocos and third-party game plug-ins such as digital technology have announced the completion of Hongmeng system adaptation, HarmonyOS has a certain industrial ability. At the same time, Huawei Game Center Petal Game developer Service provides tools and services to support HarmonyOS adaptation, improve game efficiency and accelerate the construction and prosperity of Hongmeng game content. At the level of technical cooperation, the technical capability of software-hardware coordination and the ability of the ark graphics engine can effectively improve the rendering effect of the game screen, reduce the game energy consumption, optimize the game performance, and bring users a higher definition of the game picture quality and a more smooth game experience. In addition, based on the unique Hongmeng kernel, full scene distributed experience, native intelligence, pure security and other capabilities, Hongmeng uses distributed soft bus technology to virtualize Hongmeng hyperterminal into a game handle, bringing users more diverse interactive games and innovative game experiences, such as cross-end interaction. In addition, it also relies on powerful AI capabilities and multi-forms and multi-entrances of meta-services to reach users more accurately. Bring more business opportunities to partners.

Ao ran, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the China Association of Audio, Video and Digital Publishing, said: "We encourage and support all links of the industrial chain, including game enterprises, to further embrace and support Hongmeng, jointly explore technological boundaries, and drive technological development with demand. Technological development has spawned boutique games, established a more sound ecology of the game industry chain, and become a new engine of digital game innovation."

Wu Hao, president of Huawei Interactive Media Corps CEO and Huawei Terminal Cloud Service Interactive Media BU, said: "I am glad to see more and more partners join in the construction of Hongmeng ecology. Hongmeng provides an independent innovation, safe and reliable digital base for the game industry. We will join hands with more game partners to enrich game content, break through the boundaries of game self-research technology, and promote the development of high-quality game content. Stimulate the vitality of the game industry. "

The 19 new game partners in this cooperation include NetEase Games, Middle-hand Games, Dream World, Yishi World, Lok Niu Games, Dole Games, Zen Tour Technology, 3K Games, Vernon Animation, Junhai Games, Chuangku Interactive, PLAY800, Guangzhou Sound Motion, Nine Palace Games, Simi Technology, Xinghui Games, Huoyu Technology, Xingjia Games and Zhuoyou Technology. Since the announcement of Hongmeng's pioneering game plan at Huawei developers' conference this year, more than 60 game partners have joined Hongmeng's cooperation, and more than 50 games have completed the development of Hongmeng's native applications. With the addition of more game partners, Hongmeng game categories and content are increasingly rich. Hongmeng's leading technology and high-quality game content integrate to further promote the industrialization and boutique development of the game industry. it provides a solid and strong support for the sustainable development of the game industry.

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