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According to the news, the original companies of Huya and YY gathered together to test the scooter business within the group, and the project was called "3KM".

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December 15 afternoon news, Sina Science and Technology learned that recently Huan Ju Group is internally testing scooter business, the new project is called "3KM".

After successively selling HUYA and YY to Tencent and Baidu in 2020, Huan Ju Group has a big increase in capital. In recent years, Huan Ju Group has been based on pan-entertainment and social networking, while it continues to incubate new businesses such as e-commerce and finance through self-research or mergers and acquisitions, but the layout of hardware projects is rare.

According to Sina Technology, the scooter business aims to solve traffic problems within 3 kilometers of the urban area, so the project is named "3KM". Scooter products are developed by Huan Ju Group and may be sold overseas in the future. Another person familiar with the matter said that the internal test of the new business was carried out on the platform of Li Xueling, chairman of Huanju Group, which called on employees to support it in its internal group.

At present, overseas business has become the pillar of Huan Ju Group, and its core products include Bigo Live Live, Likee short Video and Hago Interactive Social. In the first three quarters of this year, Huan Ju Group achieved revenue of $1.698 billion (about 12.298 billion yuan) and net profit of $256 million (about 1.838 billion yuan), according to financial data. As of the third quarter, the global social entertainment MAU of Huan Ju Group reached 276.8 million.

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