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One-click AI meeting minutes! IFLYTEK will remember to take you to liberate the productive forces when you hear it.

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Meetings are an indispensable part of the daily work of workers, such as weekly meetings, monthly meetings, year-end wrap-up meetings. Countless meeting scenes, each of which is testing the concentration and comprehension of people in the workplace! However, when the meeting lasts for several hours, it is inevitable that there will be problems of inattention and lack of online thinking. So how to improve the efficiency of meetings and organize meeting minutes efficiently? Easy-to-use AI tools definitely occupy a place!

IFLYTEK hear will remember is such an AI meeting artifact! It uses iFLYTEK's leading speech recognition technology, can convert the voice content of the meeting into text in real time, and the accuracy of Putonghua translation with accurate and clear pronunciation is 98% higher! At the same time, it can sort out the contents of the meeting automatically, and use AI to generate meeting minutes, full-text overview, full-text translation, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting!

Is the meeting too fast to keep up? IFLYTEK will remember to rewrite you in real time when you hear it!

Contemporary workers will also face some disturbing factors when attending meetings, for example, the constant vibration of mobile phones and the sound of notification will distract people's attention. The communication of many people in the conference room is easy to distract people from the point. The meeting is so fast that you can't keep up without paying attention. IFLYTEK will remember to help you solve it when you hear it! By recording and transcribing in real time, you can review the content of the meeting at any time and mark the key content.

At the same time, when iFLYTEK hears it, it can automatically distinguish different speakers when it is rewritten in real time, the speeches of different people are clear at a glance, and the names of speakers can be changed in batches, and the object of opinion output is very clear!

The minutes of the meeting are too slow? When iFLYTEK hears this, it will write down the minutes with one click.

In addition to the real-time records of the meeting site, the minutes of the meeting after the meeting is also very important! Good meeting minutes can ensure the accurate transmission of information and the smooth progress of the follow-up work! Do you need a sentence to recall the content of the meeting? Do you need to think about how to extract keywords? No! IFLYTEK will remember to help you with one click when you hear it! After the real-time recording and transcription is over, click [meeting minutes] in the upper right corner to generate a full-text summary, main content, speaker summary and to-do items, which greatly saves the time of manual arrangement!

You don't understand the language of the meeting? IFLYTEK will remember to take you barrier-free communication when you hear it!

For many companies, it is sometimes necessary to hold meetings with foreign partners to talk about multinational projects. What if I can't understand the language? IFLYTEK will remember to take you easy when you hear it!

If you need real-time recording and transcription, you can click on the translation function above before you start recording, and after selecting the conversion language, you can translate the real-time recording and transcription at the same time.

If you need a full-text translation after the meeting, you can click on the full-text translation above after the recording. After choosing a good language, click on the translation immediately, and you can get the result of the full-text translation, which is really very convenient!

In addition to the above real-time recording and transcription, meeting minutes, real-time translation, full-text translation, iFLYTEK also supports text organization, high-precision rewriting, hot word optimization and other functions, which can basically meet all the needs of workplace meetings! You don't have to worry about meetings anymore! Go and try iFLYTEK to hear and remember, so that you can become a talented person in a meeting in a second!

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