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Lenovo Amu: AI Ready's new AI PC product ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI officially opens an appointment

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Shulou( Report--

Equipped with Intel's latest generation of Core Ultra processor, built-in new NPU artificial intelligence acceleration engine. On December 15, at the 2023 Intel New Product launch and AI Technology Innovation Party, Lenovo announced the official opening of the world's first intelligent business PC--AI fully connected flagship ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI.

Ablikim Abulimiti, vice president of Lenovo Group and chief strategy officer in China, said that ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI made full use of the mixed AI computing power of Core Ultra processors to create an enhanced AI experience, including AI intelligent conferencing, AI video framing, AI intelligent noise reduction, face recognition, intelligent beauty and other new functions. In the aspect of AI intelligent conference, not only can the speaker become the "protagonist" of the meeting through the function of virtual background, extended focus and middle character AI, but also through AI intelligent noise reduction to identify each participant's voice in a noisy environment, and automatically generate minutes of the meeting, so that users can be more immersed in thinking and communication.

In terms of device experience upgrades, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI is equipped with the industry's top 3A-OLED screen, screen self-refreshing technology, 1000000 DCI-P3 ultra-high contrast and 100 DCI-P3 wide color range for accurate color performance. In addition, the new distributed heat dissipation system can keep the fuselage "calm as before", splash-proof pneumatic keyboard 2.0Magi 1.5mm long key range brings extremely comfortable input feel, at the same time, ThinkPad classic little red dot design also realizes interactive evolution, on the basis of the past touch can move the cursor, add a click function, can quickly call up the exclusive menu, so that the user's personalized operation is more convenient.

Amu said that the ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI has three major features: embedded mixed AI computing power, innovation / enhanced AI experience and device experience upgrade, which means that Lenovo AI PC has officially entered the AI Ready phase, and 2024 will really usher in the first year of AI PC. At present, ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI has opened reservations in Lenovo's official website, official flagship stores on various platforms, offline retail stores and other channels.

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