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Provide more valuable education for the next generation programming cat was awarded "2023 pulse MAX employer of the year"

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Recently, the list of "2023 pulse MAX annual company selection" initiated by Mai Mai has been officially released. Since 2018, pulse has carried out "employer selection" for six consecutive years, and selected a series of high-quality employers from many employers and enterprises, showing to the vast number of workplace talents and guiding them to better job-hunting directions.

Programming Cat is a leading youth programming education brand founded by DianCat Technology in 2015. the company has always adhered to technology-driven and academic priority, made remarkable achievements in promoting the popularization and development of youth artificial intelligence programming education, and was awarded the title of "2023 MAX employer of the year". At the same time, there are, BYD, byte jump and other well-known enterprises in various fields.

Innovate self-developed domestic programming tools to assist science education addition in multiple dimensions

As an early pioneer of children's programming in China, since its establishment more than 8 years ago, programming cat parent company Dianmao Technology has been committed to independent innovation and development of underlying architecture and programming education tools, and has launched a new generation of graphical editor Kitten N, source code editor Kitten, sea turtle editor Turtle, programming cat Nemo, CoCo, Magic Code Island Box3 and other products and tools. Construct the programming tool matrix from the PC end to the mobile end, covering the whole year of teenagers, and realize the comprehensive localization of programming tools. At present, point cat technology has applied for a total of 744 patents and obtained 2741 copyright of works and 145 copyrights of computer software.

At present, science education is receiving unprecedented attention, and artificial intelligence and programming enlightenment have become an important direction to improve the scientific literacy of young people. In May this year, the Ministry of Education and other 18 departments jointly issued the "opinions on strengthening Science Education in Primary and Middle Schools in the New era." the system is deployed in the "double reduction" of education to do a good job in the addition of science education and support the integration of services. we will promote the high-quality development of education, science and technology, and talents.

In this context, point cat science and technology iteratively upgrade artificial intelligence programming education solutions, campus operation services to help primary and secondary schools do a good job in science education "addition", regional customization services to help localities form new momentum and new advantages in science education, and national achievement services to train innovative talents in all regions of the country. At the same time, the company adheres to teaching and research and academic guidance, continues to provide educational informatization and other research support for education authorities and schools, and provides technical service support for a number of Ministry of Education whitelist and local competition activities. more than 130 artificial intelligence and programming teaching aids and books have been published in cooperation with domestic publishing houses and more than 10 provincial and municipal teaching and research institutes.

Based on its R & D and innovation strength in technology and content, Dianmao Technology has successively won the titles of national high-tech enterprise recognition, the first batch of China quality Certification Center online education service 5A certification and so on. With "practical Research on artificial Intelligence programming Curriculum Development in Primary and Middle Schools", the company won the "Wu Wenjun artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award" issued by the Chinese Society of artificial Intelligence, and the "computer Core Curriculum Specification" developed in cooperation with Tsinghua University. it has also recently passed the acceptance of the second batch of new engineering research and practice projects of the Ministry of Education.

Pay attention to social responsibility and employee development to provide more valuable education for the next generation

Adhering to the mission of "providing more valuable education for the next generation", DianCat Technology also combines business expertise with social responsibility to fully assume and practice in areas such as social welfare and employee development.

Point cat science and technology actively responds to the national rural revitalization strategy, through carrying out public welfare activities such as "programming into the countryside" to go to Daliang Mountain in Sichuan, Macheng in Hubei, Tianshui in Gansu, and other places, to shorten the gap in programming education with science and technology. open a broader vision and world for rural children. As a strategic partner of UNESCO, Diancao Technology has also brought China's advanced programming education and technological achievements to primary and secondary schools and vocational schools in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Two programming skills training for more than 200 teachers from four target countries have been completed. Since 2019, DianCat Technology has launched "Blue Light Action", a large-scale public welfare advocacy campaign for autistic children for five consecutive years, to help autistic children train their thinking and language cognitive skills through unpaid pro bono programming courses every year. Call on the whole society to give them more attention and the possibility of the future.

In terms of employee career development, click cat technology through talent empowerment to achieve mutual promotion and win-win development between the organization and employees. The company provides M (integrated management) and T (professional rank) double development channels, and regularly carries out talent promotion evaluation every year to provide sufficient promotion opportunities for outstanding talents. At the same time, the internal "transfer hall" is opened to encourage employees to transfer jobs across regions and functions, so as to form a sustainable talent management mechanism to make the best use of their talents, so as to provide employees with more career possibilities.

In addition to fully helping employees to grow up and realize their self-worth, the "cat factory" is also meticulous in terms of employee care: a younger working environment, a flat management model, and flexible working hours. During work, you can pet the cat with pay to make the office atmosphere warm and loving. A number of policies, such as monthly team-building funds, Spring Festival welfare holidays, customized gift boxes for holidays, discounts for employees to purchase courses, and so on, strive for more protection for employees' daily life. In addition, DianCat Technology pays special attention to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of female employees. In addition to normal maternity leave, it also provides novice mothers with benefits such as care gift bags, warm mother-and-baby rooms and paid parental leave, so that female employees can truly feel the care of the "cat factory" for the next generation.

In the future, Diancao Technology will continue to focus on the research and development of tools and content, strive to cultivate young people's computational thinking and the ability to solve practical problems with digital methods, and help more regions and schools to carry out artificial intelligence programming education services. we will promote the popularization of science education and the cultivation of innovative talents, and contribute to the promotion of high-quality development and modernization of education.

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