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The performance hegemony is coming soon. Honorable 90 GT official announced that there is no limit on the full frame and the performance battlefield of domination.

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The annual performance bully is about to debut, and the strength will reshape the online performance mobile phone pattern. On December 15, Jiang Hairong, CMO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd. in China, said that the new Glory 90 GT will continue the exploration of the performance boundary of the GT series, destiny will return, and use the strongest product strength to dominate the performance battlefield. On the same day, Honor official also released "Industry full frame" theme posters and creative videos to verify Glory 90 GT's powerful game experience with field data and promote the industry to test new standards.

Glory CMO Jiang Hairong said on Weibo that the Glory GT series has always pursued the ultimate performance experience. The previous generation Honor 80 GT pilot test, well received by consumers. The new Glory 90 GT will also bring users an extraordinary performance experience with the tacit cooperation of strong processors and excellent tuning capabilities, and once again demonstrate the hard power of Glory in chip tuning.

As we all know, the game experience is the core indicator to test the performance of mobile phones. With the increasing popularity of large-scale mobile games, many new mobile phone products also show the strong performance of the game by running smoothly, but often the actual frame number experience of many users is not ideal, which is quite different from the propaganda of manufacturers. In response to the problems such as the poor game experience that users frequently complain about, Glory 90 GT insists on upgrading its performance on the basis of actual combat, providing consumers with more powerful breakthrough solutions.

As can be seen from the official content of Honor, in order to be closer to the status of heavy gamers, the Honor 90 GT abandoned the traditional half-hour, zero-load laboratory scenario in the game performance test, and boldly adopted a 3-hour, heavy-load actual combat scenario, which is more in line with the actual usage scenarios of users. The measured results also reached the real sense of "full frame unlimited", with high-score performance of the actual combat data to replace the "on-paper" laboratory data, setting a new benchmark for industry testing.

It can be said that, as once the number one brand of Internet mobile phones, Glory has not forgotten the original ambition and ambition of the online performance mobile phone market while laying out the full scene and promoting the high-end track. From 80 GT of Glory at the end of 2022 to 90 GT of Honor today, Honor has proved to everyone that Glory has always been excellent in the online market and has never been surpassed. Glory GT family is designed for users who know more about products, and this time it is full of sincerity to return. Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of the new product launch on December 21.

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