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The most beautiful B-class hunting outfit SUV Song L comes with a shock listing of 189800 yuan!

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Shulou( Report--

On December 15, BYD Dynasty Network B-class avant-garde hunting outfit SUV-- Song L officially launched. The new car has launched a total of four rear-drive models and one four-wheel-drive model, with an official guiding price of 189800 yuan to 249800 yuan. In addition, there are six listed rights and interests, including financial gifts and Huanxin gifts.

As a high-end model of the Song family, the Song L is "fully equipped", full of appearance, control, space, safety and intelligence, coupled with a very competitive listing price, the strength leads the new value standard of B-class pure electric SUV.

With a good appearance, you can enjoy the most beautiful hunting costume SUV.

Appearance is justice! Song L won the reputation of "the most beautiful hunting suit SUV" as soon as he made his debut. Moderately advanced style accurately hits the aesthetic of mainstream quality families.

You want to lie low and dive the body posture, yes! The dragon face design you want, yes! You want frameless doors, adaptive electric rear fins, narrow front and wide rear tires, all! Can be called a visual feast!

Too high appearance often makes people ignore their strength, but Song L perfectly combines pioneer design and functionality to make them more "intelligent": frameless doors with double-layer glue glass, Fuyao's top steel glass process, bring better tightness and stillness; adaptive electric tail, up and down with speed, effectively reduce wind resistance coefficient, which is of great significance for improving flight life and handling performance. The standard front and rear wide tires make it difficult to shake off the tail when changing lanes at high speed, ensuring the safety of emergency avoidance.

It is not only a school of good looks, but also a school of strength. Wherever Song L goes, it must be the focus of the whole audience!

The manipulation is full of matches, and the technology of the three stars is full of anger.

Not all B-level SUV can be called Song L! Once upon a time, the car circle default less than 200000 of the car is not worthy to talk about manipulation, Song L's listing makes this sentence become history!

The super speed increase you want, yes! The ultra-low energy consumption you want, yes! You want the e-platform 3.0, CTB, cloud cloud-C, all have!

Song L is based on e-platform 3.0. it has the maximum output power of 380kW, peak torque of 670N ·m and zero acceleration of 4.3s, while the efficient eight-in-one electric powertrain makes Song L's 100km driving energy consumption as low as 12.8kW ·h, with a maximum mileage of 662km, which is not only fast, but also economical.

What really makes Song L leave the same class far behind is its extreme manipulation. CTB battery body integration technology makes the body torsional stiffness up to 40400 N m / °, shoulder-to-shoulder million-class luxury SUV; Cloud-C breaks the long-standing monopoly of luxury brands on active body control system technology, allowing drivers to enjoy driving fun while taking into account comfort; coupled with iTAC intelligent torque distribution system, help Song L to further improve the upper limit of control.

Song L uses hard core power, high efficiency and energy saving, and extreme control to meet the users' stringent requirements of "not only want, but also want".

Full space, luxurious and comfortable five seats.

Comfort is the "hard currency" of B-class cars, and Song L is also the ultimate.

The big five you want, yes! The extra long wheelbase you want, yes! You want soft interior, fragrance, massage chair, panoramic canopy, HiFi-grade Dana stereo, all!

What is the concept of wheelbase of Song L 2930mm? Better than the popular contestant Model Y, the vertical size can be called a B-class ceiling. Spacious and comfortable big five-seat space, the rear row is flattened at 4:6, and the capacity of the front and trunk can be expanded to 1101L, which can hold the happiness of a quality family.

Not only large space, but also enough materials. Electronic unlock door button, double silver-plated panoramic canopy, front seat ventilation and heating become standard, entry-ready, advanced feeling full; leather steering wheel is equipped with heating function, primary and secondary seat is integrated with electric adjustment and massage function, intelligent interactive atmosphere lamp can change color according to different scenes, creating a unique riding experience. In addition, high-end configurations such as dual-temperature zone automatic air conditioning, co-driver boss keys, active fragrance system, 12-speaker HiFi custom Dana stereo and 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging have also reshaped consumers' expectations and perception of this price range of models.

‎ is fully equipped with safety, and the protection goes deep into the "bones".

"Safety is the biggest luxury of electric vehicles". When the industry is still addicted to simple stacking and winding each other, Song L not only does a good job of active and passive safety, but also carves safety into the "bone" from the structure, providing real all-dimensional protection.

Blade battery, yes! CTB, yes! High strength materials, yes! DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, also have!

CTB technology combines the blade battery with the bottom plate of the car body, and the battery is both an energy body and a structural component, which provides natural "structural safety" and gives Song L the underlying logic of structural safety. Song L is built in accordance with global five-star safety standards, super-safety cage passenger cabin structure, three-stage body design, 11 airbags, up to 83.5% of "high-strength steel, high-strength aluminum, composite", to maximize the safety of the crew cabin. Song L's active safety is also online, DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, vehicle up to 24 sensors, with DMS driver monitoring assistance and other more than 30 safety assistance functions, prevention.

The whole department is equipped with intelligent cockpit

In the digital age, technology is a must for pioneers to travel. Song L is equipped with DiLink intelligent cockpit, DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, intelligent access to the three major intelligent systems, mature technology, pragmatic functions, to create a more mature and convenient intelligent travel experience for users.

The advanced chip you want, yes! You want to rotate the big screen, look up to show, yes! You have all the continuous voice calls, automatic parking, UWB keys you want!

Song L uses the industry-leading 6nm process chip, integrates 5G baseband technology, runs more than 550000, and the comprehensive performance is far ahead, making the car experience "silky"; 15.6inch high-definition central control screen, 10.25inch full liquid crystal instrument, 50inch look-up display and 5.8inch rear air conditioning control screen constitute "2mm 1mm" intelligent multi-screen, so that users can enjoy convenient intelligence. Full scene intelligent voice integration more than 1000 vehicle control functions, support can be seen, wake up response time up to 400ms, can achieve four-tone area accurate recognition, continuous multi-instruction recognition, greatly enhance driving convenience; automatic parking, let the narrow parking space "dilemma", crowded alleys "up and down dilemma" one button removal; equipped with UWB digital key to achieve senseless entry, completely liberate the hands. FACE ID facial recognition, 3D holographic transparent images and other functions also let Song L reap the scientific and technological charm of the digital age.

What is the most worthwhile Class B SUV in 200000? Song L has handed in an impeccable answer paper with its beautiful appearance, large space, strong technology, stable control and excellent intelligence, so that users can get a high-value avant-garde experience from 189800 yuan.

Song L can be called the most beautiful, strongest, most "strong" and most worth buying B-grade SUV in 200000. BYD has made a move, depth bomb has been dropped, B-level SUV market will usher in what kind of reshuffle? We'll see.

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