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Suzhou Nuodajia launches brand-new industrial automation products to help China's industry 5.0

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Suzhou Nuodajia's industrial automation products have always been favored by the majority of customers in the industrial field, and have been committed to the research and innovation of industrial PC and HMI system platforms, providing comprehensive product solutions for customers in automation, measurement, communications and other fields. The product line covers X86 / ARM motherboard and core modules, embedded computers, industrial tablets, industrial displays, industrial operation panels, Automation PC, EtherCAT slave IO, network security hardware platforms, etc., which are widely used in industrial automation, transportation, electric power, petrochemical, iron and steel, new energy, environmental protection, and commercial self-service terminals and other industries.

In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial intelligence, Chinese industry is ushering in a revolutionary transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. At this critical moment, Suzhou Nuodajia has injected a strong impetus to China's industry with its new industrial automation products based on the Intel platform. As a leading company in the field of industrial automation, Suzhou Nuodajia has been committed to developing high-quality and high-performance solutions. With the help of Intel's advanced technology and platform, they have successfully launched a series of innovative products suitable for industrial 5.0.

Nodajia eBOX-3240 is a new industrial control product developed by Elkhart Lake series of 10nm process based on Intel platform. It can be used in industrial automation, machine vision and other fields. The industrial computer developed based on Intel platform has excellent performance and can be seamlessly integrated with other equipment and systems to achieve efficient operation of the automatic production line. At the same time, their Elkhart Lake platform, which adopts the new process of 10nm, also has higher performance and learning ability, and can make real-time adjustments according to the changing environment to improve production efficiency and quality.


And the interfaces are richer.

The product is equipped with rich I / O interfaces, 2 Realtek GbE Gigabit network ports, 4 USB3.0/2 USB2.0 interfaces, HDMI, DP, VGA display interfaces support synchronous or asynchronous triple display, 4 RS232 / RS48, 2 RS232 serial ports, 1 miniPCIe expansion slot, expandable 3G / 4G module, 1 M.2 expansion slot, expandable 5G module of USB protocol, 1 SATA,1 M.2 hard disk interface, supporting SATA protocol hard disk. The connection design of the wireless cable in the system further ensures the reliability of the product and the lower failure rate. The shape design of the product is exquisite and strong, the large area aluminum fin design quickly radiates the heat of the processor, the fanless and fully enclosed structure effectively prevents dust from entering, and ensures the product to run reliably in the harsh industrial environment for a long time. In the 10nm process, the motherboard size is reduced by 30%, the performance of the previous generation is improved by up to 27%, and the power consumption is reduced by 40%. At the same time, the aluminum alloy profile and galvanized steel structure are adopted to ensure the excellent heat dissipation and strength of the products, and the fully closed design prevents the invasion of dust.

And Ebox-3240 can also expand dual network cards or dual serial ports.

The Nodajia NP-6118-16I16OC, which also adopts the Elkhart Lake platform of Intel 10nm process, is the smallest fanless book industrial computer in the Automation PC series, adhering to the concept of complete function, high performance-to-price ratio, compact and beautiful shape and wireless cable design, and the casing is made of high-precision aluminum alloy profile, compact, compact and strong in shape, fully enclosed and fanless structure to prevent dust entry, ensuring product reliability and service life. Suzhou Nuodajia's industrial automation products also include intelligent sensors and control systems. These sensors can monitor the status of equipment and production environment in real time, and provide accurate feedback and early warning information through data collection and analysis. The control system can accurately control the production process and realize automatic adjustment and optimization. In addition, Suzhou Nuodajia also developed an industrial Internet of things solution using the Intel platform. By connecting various devices, sensors and systems, they have established an intelligent network to achieve real-time communication and cooperation between devices. This enables all resources in the factory to be fully utilized, thereby improving production efficiency and flexibility. Comprehensively promote the development of China's industry 5.0, and provide strong support, these innovative products not only improve production efficiency and quality, but also reduce costs and resource consumption.


NP-6118 series board provides 3 Intel gigabit network cards, 4 USB interfaces, and USB interface for inserting hardware encryption dog; supports HDMI and DP HD display interface, expandable VGA display interface; on-board multi-function IO interface, provides 2-way RS485, 1-way RS232 interface, 2-way CAN bus, and supports external UPS interface; on-board 16 × DO transistor output and 16 × DI isolated digital input MiniPCIE and M.2 card slots are reserved on the board, which can expand various modules such as CAN, Wifi, 4G, etc. NP-6118 series has built-in super Faraday capacitor module, which ensures compact size and triggers IO signal when power is off. It is convenient for the program to save data. The system supports DC24V power supply. This series of products can be widely used in mechanical testing equipment, robots, motion control and other automation fields.

NP-6111 series

In terms of appearance,

Suzhou Nuodajia fanless industrial computer has a compact design and occupies less space, so it is suitable for installation in a limited industrial environment. The shell is made of rugged materials that can withstand harsh industrial conditions and has excellent durability. Due to the fanless design, the shape is usually equipped with an optimized cooling system. It may include technologies such as heat sinks, heat sinks, or heat pipes to effectively emit heat and ensure the proper operation of the equipment. And the shape is simple, there will not be a large fan or radiator prominent. They usually have a variety of interfaces and slots to support a variety of input and output devices and expansion modules to meet the needs of industrial applications. In order to facilitate installation and layout, fanless industrial computers are usually designed to be wall-mounted or support multiple installation modes. This allows users to fix them on walls, cabinets or other appropriate locations according to their specific needs, and fanless industrial computers are usually designed with seals in consideration of the fact that industrial environments often contain dust, liquids and other contaminants to achieve better dustproof and waterproof performance. This helps protect the internal hardware from the external environment.

Industry field

Nodajia's new products are widely used in industrial automation, machine vision and other fields. Fanless industrial computers can be used in automatic production lines and factory control systems. They can provide high-performance computing and data processing capabilities to achieve real-time monitoring, control and scheduling, thus improving production efficiency and quality. It also plays a key role in machine vision applications. By connecting cameras and sensors, they can carry out image acquisition, processing and analysis, and realize object detection, recognition and measurement. This is very important for quality control, product inspection, robot navigation and so on. Fanless industrial computer can be used in data acquisition and monitoring system, can connect various sensors and equipment, collect environmental data, equipment status and other information, can be used in environmental monitoring and safety systems, such as temperature monitoring, fire alarm, video surveillance and so on. They can carry out data acquisition, analysis and network transmission, ensure the safety and reliability of the working environment, and carry out real-time monitoring and analysis, which is very helpful for industrial process optimization, predictive maintenance and fault diagnosis. In automatic navigation and automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems, fanless industrial computers can provide high-performance calculation and positioning functions.

In terms of industrial automation, fanless industrial computers provide high-performance computing and control capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of devices and systems. This enables the production line to achieve efficient operation, precise control and flexible adjustment, thus improving production efficiency and quality. In addition, the fanless design avoids the possible failure points introduced by the traditional air cooling system, improves the reliability and stability of the equipment, reduces the maintenance and downtime, and further optimizes the production efficiency.

In the field of machine vision, fanless industrial computers provide powerful computing and image processing capabilities for machine vision applications. They can collect, analyze and identify image data at high speed, and realize the functions of object detection, measurement and quality control. This is very important for tasks such as automatic inspection and traceability, product sorting and packaging, robot navigation and collaboration in intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, fanless design reduces noise and vibration, which helps to maintain stable image quality and accurate visual recognition.

These applications not only improve the efficiency and quality of industrial production, but also promote the realization of China's Industrial 5.0. Industrial 5.0 emphasizes man-machine cooperation, flexible production and personalized customization, and fanless industrial computers have significant advantages in this regard. They can provide a reliable computing platform for intelligent manufacturing, support the collection, analysis and interaction of all kinds of data, and promote the development of production information and intelligence. Through the connection with other intelligent devices and systems, the fanless industrial computer realizes the coordination and optimization of all links in the intelligent factory, provides a solid technical foundation for the realization of Industrial 5.0, and is actively promoting the implementation of China's Industrial 5.0. Accelerate China's manufacturing industry to a new stage of intelligence and efficiency.

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