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New songs are no longer added to the national version of Ubisoft's game "Dance Power", and more than 700 music maps are now available to play.

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Shulou( Report-- December 15 news, "Dance full Open" officially announced today: from today, the national version of the music library will not be updated today.

Ubisoft said that the music library of the national version of the online subscription service "Dance Power full Open" will maintain the current size of more than 700 music maps and will no longer update its tracks every week.

However, the service will not be removed from the shelves, and you can still skip over multi-national exclusive songs after subscription. Friends who subscribe to the online service can still play normally, and the play experience will not be affected. Note: the national version of "Dance full Open" is currently exclusively owned by Tencent Bank Switch and cannot be played on other mainframes or overseas versions of Switch. The standard version is priced at 299 yuan and the unlimited edition is priced at 499 yuan.

The national version of "Dance Power" includes a number of Chinese and global hits, such as "Paradise Pure Land", "the most dazzling ethnic style", "strangely beautiful" and "Princess". In addition, Ubisoft also offers an one-month free trial of "Unlimited Dance".

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