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The new Lantu Dreamer has a maximum replacement subsidy of 15000 yuan and gives you a free car warranty for life.

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Shulou( Report-- December 15 news, the new Lantu dreamer launched a December time-limited benefits, can enjoy up to 15000 yuan replacement subsidy, Gangtu car owners delivered before December 1 can enjoy a free New year testing service.

Dongfeng brand replacement subsidy: 15000 yuan

Lantu brand replacement subsidy: 15000 yuan and inheritance of lifetime rights and interests of the original car

Subsidy for replacement of other brands: 10,000 yuan

At the same time, users can enjoy different upgrade benefits by ordering different models:

Flagship model: free aviation aluminum floor, lifetime free vehicle warranty and basic maintenance

Premium version of the model: free wing smart ceiling screen, aviation aluminum floor, life-long free vehicle warranty and basic maintenance

Excellent version of the model: free aviation aluminum floor, lifetime free vehicle warranty previously reported that the new Lantu Dreamer went on sale on October 12, with prices starting from 339900 yuan, with four customized versions starting from 639900 yuan.

The new car uses a large-size intake grille and through-type daylight, length, width and height up to 5315/1985/1800mm, wheelbase 3200mm; four body colors are provided, namely rising sun purple, Xuan Yinghei, Riyaojin and du Ruobai.

In terms of interior decoration, the new Lantu Dreamer uses OEKO-TEX first-class wide seats, which are ergonomically built with a width of 500mm, which can achieve 14-way adjustment (10-way electric, 4-way headrest), massage, ventilation, heating and seat memory functions, one-click carefree function, and equipped with Type-C 60W charging interface.

In terms of power, the new Lantu Dreamer PHEV model is equipped with a new Lanhai hybrid engine with a thermal efficiency of 45.18%. It can output the total power of the 420kW system and the total torque of the 840N ·m system, and the fuel consumption of the CLTC 100 km feed is 5.36L.

The PHEV model is equipped with 43-degree super-mica battery and has the pure electric life of CLTC 236km, which can realize full power external discharge for more than 12 hours. The comprehensive range of CLTC reaches 1231km, and the mileage of pure electric model CLTC is increased to 650km.

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