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National Development and Reform Commission: promote the innovation and development of intelligent vehicles and support the trial operation of self-driving vehicles

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Shulou( Report--

According to news from on December 15, the National Development and Reform Commission today released the "data elements ×" three-year Action Plan (2024-2026) (draft for soliciting opinions) to solicit opinions from the public.

The NDRC mentioned in the document that it will promote the innovation and development of smart vehicles, support the pilot commercial trial operation of self-driving vehicles in specific areas and specific periods of time, and break down data barriers among car companies, third-party platforms, transport enterprises and other subjects. promote the application of multi-source data fusion such as road infrastructure data, traffic flow data and driving behavior data, and improve the level of intelligent vehicle innovation services and active safety prevention and control.

In addition, it is also mentioned in the document that scientific data should be used to support the development of large models, in-depth mining of all kinds of scientific data, including scientific and technological literature, and the construction of a scientific knowledge resource base through fine-grained knowledge extraction. build a high-quality corpus and basic science data sets to support the training of general artificial intelligence models and vertical domain artificial intelligence models.

The NDRC also requires the implementation of laws and regulations on data security, the establishment and improvement of the data security governance system, the improvement of the data classification and classification protection system, the implementation of the system of network security level protection and the security protection of key information infrastructure, and the strengthening of personal information protection. improve the level of data security.

The source attached the text of "data elements x" three-year Action Plan (2024-2026) (draft for soliciting comments):

Overall goal by the end of 2026, the breadth and depth of application scenarios of data elements will be greatly expanded, the multiplier effect of data elements will be revealed in the field of economic development, and more than 300 typical application scenarios with strong demonstration, high display and wide drive will be created. The quality and efficiency of products and services have been significantly improved, and a number of effective demonstration areas for the application of data elements have emerged. Cultivate a group of innovative and influential data providers and third-party professional service organizations. The average annual growth rate of the data industry is more than 20%, the scale of data transactions has doubled, and the scale of floor transactions has increased significantly. New business type, which promotes the value creation of data elements, has become a new driving force of economic growth, and the quality improvement and synergism of data enabling economy has become more prominent, becoming an important driving force for high-quality development.

Focus on action data elements × intelligent manufacturing innovation R & D model, support industrial manufacturing enterprises to integrate design, simulation and experimental verification data, cultivate a new data-driven product research and development model, and enhance the innovation capability of enterprises. Promote collaborative manufacturing, support the main chain enterprises to get through the upstream and downstream design, planning, quality, logistics and other data of the supply chain, and realize agile and flexible collaborative manufacturing. Enhance service capacity, support enterprises to integrate design, production and operation data, enhance predictive maintenance and value-added services, and achieve the extension of the value chain. Strengthen regional linkage, support the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, promote the flow of production capacity, procurement, inventory and logistics data, strengthen the coordination of inter-regional manufacturing resources, promote the complementarity of regional industrial advantages, and enhance the monitoring and early warning capability of the industrial chain supply chain. Develop enabling technology to promote multi-scene reuse of manufacturing data, support manufacturing enterprises to join software enterprises, actively explore multi-dimensional innovative applications based on design, simulation, experiment, production, operation and other data, and develop new industrial software and equipment in generative design, virtual-reality fusion experiments, intelligent unmanned equipment and other aspects.

Data elements × intelligent agriculture will enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, and support agricultural production and operation entities and relevant service enterprises to integrate and utilize meteorological, soil, agricultural operations, diseases and insect pests, market and other data, to achieve intelligent agricultural operations such as precision planting and precision farming, and to support and improve the production efficiency of grain and important agricultural products. Improve the transparency of agricultural products supply chain, support third-party enterprises to gather and use agricultural product origin, production, processing, quality inspection and other data, support agricultural product traceability management, precision marketing, and enhance consumer trust. We will promote data integration and innovation in the industrial chain, support third-party platform enterprises to provide farmers with services such as intelligent breeding, dealmaking, epidemic prevention and control, and market information, and access to data on the use of materials, medicine, growth, sales, processing, etc., provide one-stop procurement, supply chain finance and other services. We will cultivate a new model of fixed production on demand, support the analysis and application of agricultural and commercial circulation data fusion, and encourage e-commerce platforms, merchant supermarkets and logistics to feed back agricultural product information to the producers and consumers of agricultural products based on sales data analysis. improve the matching ability of supply and demand of agricultural products. We will enhance the anti-risk ability of agricultural production, support the fusion, release and application of market price data on production capacity, transportation and farmers' batches in the fields of pigs, fruits and vegetables, support agricultural monitoring and early warning, and reduce the damage caused by periodic fluctuations.

Data elements × trade circulation to expand new consumption, encourage all kinds of business operators and related service enterprises to rely on market environment data such as passenger flow data, consumer behavior, traffic conditions, cultural characteristics, etc., to create a closed-loop consumer ecology that integrates data collection, analysis, decision-making, accurate delivery and dynamic feedback, promote the development of live e-commerce, real-time retail and reverse customization (C2M), and support innovative application scenarios in all kinds of business circles. Cultivate digital living and consumption style. Cultivate new business type, support e-commerce platforms and traditional trade circulation enterprises to strengthen data fusion, integrate order demand, logistics, production capacity, supply chain and other data, optimize the allocation of industrial chain resources, and create an industrial collaborative innovation ecology that responds quickly to the market. Create new brands and support e-commerce platforms to actively dock production enterprises and industrial clusters based on order quantity, order type, population distribution and other data, strengthen production and marketing docking, accurate push, and help build characteristic brands. We will promote internationalization, encourage leading digital trade enterprises to integrate transaction, logistics and payment data, and support and enhance cross-border identity authentication and global supply chain financing.

Data elements × transport enhance the efficiency of multimodal transport, promote the interconnection of railway, highway, waterway, civil aviation, postal express, customs and other passenger ticket systems, promote the sharing and mutual recognition of freight delivery data, waybill data, settlement data, insurance data and freight tracking data, and smooth the connection of road-rail transport, sea-rail transport and public-water transport. Realize freight "one-time entrustment", waybill "one order to the end", settlement "one-time collection", insurance "unified claim settlement", goods "whole-process tracking" and so on, so as to promote logistics to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Mining the value of data reuse, integrating key vehicle data such as "two customers and one danger" and network freight transport, and constructing high-quality dynamic data sets covering vehicle operation behavior and accident statistics, to provide data support for differentiated credit, insurance services, second-hand car consumption, etc. Support leading enterprises to promote the construction and reuse of high-quality transport data sets, cultivate industry artificial intelligence platforms and artificial intelligence tools, and help enterprises improve transport efficiency. We will promote the innovation and development of intelligent vehicles, support pilot commercial trial operation of self-driving vehicles in specific areas and specific periods of time, and break down data barriers among car companies, third-party platforms, and transportation enterprises. we will promote the application of multi-source data fusion such as road infrastructure data, traffic flow data and driving behavior data, and improve the level of intelligent vehicle innovation services and active safety prevention and control.

Data elements × financial services enhance the level of financial services in key areas, support financial institutions to integrate data such as science and technology, environmental protection, industry and commerce, taxation, meteorology, consumption, and medical care, strengthen subject identification, optimize credit business management and insurance product design, explore and develop financial products and services based on data assets, and raise the level of services such as science and technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, and pension finance. Improve the financial anti-risk ability, promote the development of digital finance, promote the sharing and efficient circulation of financial credit data, public credit data and commercial credit data under the premise of safety and compliance, and support the sharing of risk control data among financial institutions. Based on artificial intelligence algorithm for financial market, credit assets, risk verification and other multi-dimensional data fusion analysis, support and improve the anti-fraud and anti-money laundering capabilities of financial institutions Improve the level of risk early warning and prevention.

Data elements × scientific and technological innovation will promote the orderly opening and sharing of scientific data, strengthen the opening and sharing of all kinds of scientific data generated by major scientific infrastructure, field stations, scientific research instruments, scientific computing, and so on, on the basis of paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the value of scientific data reuse. Support industrial innovation with scientific data, and provide high-quality scientific data resources and knowledge services for enterprises in the fields of drug research and development, biological breeding, new materials research and development, high-tech research and development, to help enhance the independent innovation capability of enterprises. Support large model development with scientific data, deeply mine all kinds of scientific data, including scientific and technological literature, construct scientific knowledge resource base through fine-grained knowledge extraction, build high-quality corpus and basic science data set, and support general artificial intelligence large model and vertical domain artificial intelligence large model training. Explore the new paradigm of scientific research, face the key areas of scientific research where the new paradigm is urgently needed, fully rely on all kinds of databases and knowledge bases, promote cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaborative innovation, discover new laws, create new knowledge, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research paradigm.

Data elements × cultural tourism to cultivate new cultural and creative products, promote the opening, sharing, trading and circulation of data resources such as cultural relics, ancient books, fine arts, local operas, intangible cultural heritage, and national folk literature and art in accordance with the law, support operators in cultural creativity, tourism, education, research, exhibitions and other fields to strengthen data development and utilization, and cultivate products and brands with Chinese cultural characteristics. Explore the application of public cultural models, connect the data centers of various cultural institutions, form a Chinese cultural database, explore the construction of public cultural knowledge data sets, and encourage the development of public cultural models based on market-oriented mechanisms. We will improve the level of tourism services, support tourism operators to share meteorological and traffic data, build portraits of customers and cities under the premise of legal compliance, and optimize tourism supporting services and one-stop travel services. Improve the ability of tourism governance, support culture and tourism venues to share public security, traffic, meteorology, license and other data, support "card-free" ticket purchase, crowd monitoring and early warning, emergency rescue, and so on.

Data elements × medical health to enhance the convenience of people to seek medical treatment, explore to promote the sharing of electronic medical records, and promote the unification of data standards and mutual recognition of test results among medical institutions. Convenient settlement of medical claims, support medical institutions to carry out first diagnosis and treatment and then pay for medical treatment based on credit data. Support medical insurance and commercial insurance institutions to strengthen the coordination of medical records, medical insurance settlement, commercial insurance information and other data, achieve one-stop settlement of claims, and improve the risk prevention and control ability of medical insurance control fees and commercial insurance claims. Release the value of personal health data in an orderly manner, improve personal health data files, integrate physical examination, medical treatment, disease control and other data, and innovate data-driven public service models such as cancer early screening, occupational disease surveillance and public health event early warning. Strengthen the innovation of medical data fusion, support public medical institutions to share data with financial, pension and other business entities under the premise of legal compliance, support the accurate design of commercial insurance products, recuperation and other service products, and expand new data application models such as smart medicine and intelligent health management, new business type. Improve the development level of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the diagnosis, treatment, drug use and other multi-source data fusion, support the systematic analysis of the efficacy, drug interaction, indications and safety of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine.

Data elements × emergency management improve the efficiency of emergency disposal, promote the cross-regional sharing of data such as disasters and accidents, materials and equipment, special operators, production and operation permits, and improve the coordination efficiency of supervision, law enforcement and rescue disposal. Improve the ability of production safety management, explore the use of electricity, communications, iron towers and other public data, combined with production safety and natural disaster data, enhance the accurate supervision of private excavation, open and covert mining. We will support the integration of data in the production, operation, storage, transportation and use of hazardous chemicals, and improve the level of safety supervision in the whole life cycle of hazardous chemicals. We will enhance the early warning capability of earthquake disasters, strengthen the fusion and analysis of data such as seismicity, electromagnetic interference and groundwater changes, and enhance the prediction and early warning ability of earthquake occurrence time, place and magnitude. We will raise the level of production safety and encourage social insurance enterprises to study and establish a safety production liability insurance evaluation model around mines, dangerous chemicals and other high-risk industries, develop new types of insurance, and improve the accuracy and scientific nature of risk assessment.

Data elements × meteorological services support new energy enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, support wind and solar energy enterprises to integrate the application of meteorological data, optimize location layout, equipment operation and maintenance, energy dispatching and so on. We will reduce the impact of extreme weather events, support the application of economic, social, ecological and natural resources data and meteorological data, and realize a new intelligent decision-making model that integrates climate change risk identification, risk assessment, risk early warning and risk transfer, and prevents and defuses climate risks in key industries and industries. Support the deep integration of meteorological data with construction data such as urban planning and major projects, so as to prevent and mitigate the impact of extreme weather and adverse meteorological conditions on planning and projects from the source. We will innovate meteorological products and services, support insurance and financial enterprises to integrate and apply meteorological data, and develop weather index insurance, weather derivatives and new climate investment and financing products to provide support for insurance and futures.

Data elements × smart cities optimize the way of urban management, promote the integration of multi-dimensional data such as people, places, things, things, feelings and organizations, and support the application of scenarios in public health, traffic management, public safety, ecological environment, grass-roots governance and other fields. to achieve real-time situation awareness, intelligent risk research and assessment, and timely collaborative disposal. Support the scientific decision-making of urban development, and support the use of urban space-time foundation, resource survey, planning management, construction projects, Internet of things and other data, to help urban planning, construction, management, service and other strategies refined, intelligent and sustainable. We will promote the universalization of public services, deepen the sharing and application of public data, and further promote employment, health, health, medical care, assistance, old-age care, disability assistance, child care, and underage protection. We will promote the joint construction and governance of smart urban agglomerations, and speed up the mutual recognition of data standards and the interconnection of data services in various fields such as smart urban agglomeration (belt) management and services. to achieve regional cooperation in the areas of data center coordination, cross-provincial government services, off-site medical settlement, and ecological collaborative governance.

Data elements × green and low carbon improve energy efficiency, carry out manufacturing and energy data fusion innovation, promote energy enterprises and high energy consumption enterprises to get through order, scheduling, electricity consumption and other data, and create energy consumption forecasting, multi-energy complementary, gradient pricing and other applications. Improve the utilization efficiency of waste resources, gather the data elements of solid waste collection, transfer, utilization and disposal, promote the efficient connection of waste production, transportation and resource utilization, promote the resource utilization of solid waste and hazardous waste, and promote the development of green carbon reduction. Improve the level of carbon footprint management, support the key products throughout the production cycle of materials, accessories, energy and other carbon emission data and industry carbon footprint data, carry out product carbon footprint measurement and evaluation, and guide enterprises to save energy and reduce carbon. We will improve the level of refinement of ecological governance, promote the cross-industry sharing of meteorological and water conservancy data, and support meteorological and hydrological coupling forecasting, economic and population disaster analysis, river and lake shoreline monitoring, emergency disposal of water emergencies, and so on. Strengthen the innovation of eco-environmental public data fusion, promote the orderly sharing of eco-environmental data in accordance with the law, support enterprises to carry out fusion analysis of their own data and public data, and strengthen the application of environmental data in loan audit of service financial institutions and green supply chain qualification evaluation through environmental quality monitoring and environmental credit evaluation.

Strengthen security support, improve the level of data supply, improve the data resource system, and promote scientific research institutions, leading enterprises, and technical service providers to carry out the construction of industry common data resource database in the fields of scientific research, culture, transportation, and so on. create high-quality artificial intelligence large model training data sets. We will strengthen the supply of public data resources and support pilot public data authorization operations in key areas. We will improve the standard system, strengthen the construction of general standards such as data collection, management and security, coordinate the formulation of industry standards, and revise and improve the evaluation standards for data management capabilities. Strengthen supply incentives, formulate and improve the rights and interests protection rules of relevant subjects in different links such as data content collection, processing, circulation and application, improve the rules for the anonymous use of personal information, and promote the use of personal information under the premise of protecting personal privacy.

Optimize the data circulation environment to improve the efficiency of transaction circulation, support enterprises in the industry to jointly formulate data circulation rules and standards, focus on business needs to carry out data sharing, and improve the efficiency of data sharing among multi-agents. Encourage trading venues to strengthen compliance management, innovate service models, create service ecology, and improve service quality. Create a secure and trusted circulation environment, deepen the application of technologies such as private computing, trusted data space and blockchain, fully rely on existing facilities, explore the construction of data circulation platforms in key industries and areas, and promote data compliance and efficient circulation and use. Cultivate the main body of circulation services, encourage local governments to adjust measures to local conditions, build parks with data characteristics and virtual parks by building or expanding existing park functions, and promote the coordinated development of data merchants and third-party professional service institutions. Improve the support measures for the cultivation of data providers.

Strengthen data security, implement data security laws and regulations, establish and improve data security governance system, improve data classification and hierarchical protection system, implement systems such as network security level protection and key information infrastructure security protection, strengthen personal information protection, and improve the level of data security. Enrich data security products, develop refined and professional data security products for key industries and key areas, develop solutions and toolkits suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, and support the development of customized and portable personal data security protection products. Cultivate data security services, encourage powerful data security enterprises, give full play to their capabilities, carry out cloud-based security services, and effectively improve the level of data security.

Do a good job in organization and implementation, strengthen organizational leadership and give full play to the role of the inter-ministerial joint meeting system for the development of the digital economy, strengthen the tracking of daily work and the implementation of tasks, and coordinate and promote inter-departmental cooperation. The competent department of the industry should focus on the needs of the development and utilization of data in the industry, and refine the timetable and roadmap for the implementation of the action plan. Local data departments should work with relevant departments to study and formulate implementation plans, form practical applications of data elements in line with local reality, promote the cultivation of a number of data providers and third-party professional service organizations, and create a good ecology.

Carry out pilot demonstration support departments and local governments to carry out policy pilot projects, focus on key industries and areas, and study landing measures such as the ownership of data resources, the right to the use of data processing, and the right to operate data products according to the needs of the scene. explore the data circulation transaction model. Encourage all localities to explore boldly, try first, and summarize the practical experience that can be copied and popularized in a timely manner.

Promote competition to promote the organization to carry out the "data elements ×" competition, focus on key industries and areas to build a professional competition platform, strengthen the supply of data resources, encourage all sectors of society to jointly tap market demand, and improve the level of data utilization. Support leading enterprises and financial institutions to participate in competitions, enrich the transformation path of competition results, promote the landing of excellent technologies and products, and promote diversified co-construction and cooperation.

Strengthen financial support, increase investment support in the central budget, and implement the "data element x" pilot project. Financial institutions are encouraged to increase credit support and innovate financial services and products. Explore diversified investment and financing models, give full play to the role of relevant guiding funds and industrial funds, and guide and encourage all kinds of social capital to invest in the data industry. Support the listing and financing of data providers and third-party professional service institutions. Promote the capitalization of data resources that meet the conditions for asset recognition by including intangible assets or inventory on the balance sheet.

Strengthen publicity and promotion to carry out the selection of typical cases of data element application, and select a number of typical applications. Relying on the Digital China Building Summit, we will actively publish typical cases to promote experience sharing and exchange and cooperation. All localities and departments should deeply excavate good experiences and good practices in the application of data elements, make full use of all kinds of news media, increase propaganda efforts, and enhance their influence.

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