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Apple iOS 17.2 updates the actual test, obviously curbing the effect of Flipper Zero attacking iPhone.

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Shulou( Report-- December 16, according to foreign technology media ZDNet reported that Apple recently released iOS 17.2 update, has alleviated the Flipper Zero-related loopholes, allowing iPhone to resist related attacks. previously reported that Flipper Zero is now easily available, and the tool, which claims to be a "toolkit for penetration testers and amateurs", can write code to control protocols, and hackers can write malicious code directly, causing iPhone / iPad devices to crash.

According to the description, Flipper Zero can simulate, read and copy RFID and NFC tags, digital access keys, remote controls, etc., and can perform operations such as unlocking cars, browsing RFID chips, sending spam to iPhone, and so on.

Flipper Zero runs Xtreme's third-party firmware and uses BLE Spam applications to create a large number of Apple TV keyboard pop-ups on iPhone, causing the device to lock up and allowing attackers to conduct a denial of service (DoS) attack on all iPhone within a 30-foot radius.

According to ZDNet, iPhone upgrade iOS 17.2 update, although the pop-up window will still appear, but it has significantly alleviated the destructive power of the attack and will not lead to crashes such as locking.

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"the vulnerability has been exposed for 2 months and has not been fixed, and the hacker tool Flipper Zero can still create Bluetooth pop-up window crash iPhone / iPad."

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