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Sources say that Google Pixel 9 series phones will be built into a new dedicated AI assistant "Pixie".

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Shulou( Report-- December 16 news, comprehensive The Information, 9to5Google and other foreign media reported that Google is developing a new AI assistant, which is based on its latest Gemini model, will be the exclusive assistant of Pixel devices, named "Pixie".

According to the report, Pixie will become a "more personalized" Google assistant, whose goal is to perform complex multimodal tasks, using Gmail, maps and other data from Google products on Pixel phones. For example, recommend the nearest store to the user.

The new AI assistant is likely to be unveiled with next year's Pixel 9 / Pro range of phones, unlike Google's "Assistant with Bard" launched in October.

Google recently launched Gemini Nano for the Pixel 8 Pro series of phones, which is used for a series of functions such as Gboard input method and intelligent reply. The Pixel team has said that by early next year, a wider range of Gemini models will bring a series of new features to "Assistant with Bard" on Pixel phones.

According to the report, "Pixie" may be the next version of "Assistant with Bard", and Google hopes to introduce it to devices such as smartphones and watches with lower positioning.

In addition, Google has internally discussed an AR glasses with built-in AI capabilities, which are said to provide users with advice on how to operate tools, solve math problems or play musical instruments-which means the glasses will be equipped with a camera to output via voice or display interface.

As previously reported by, Google announced in October that it would soon release a virtual assistant powered by Bard to help users deal with more complex tasks. The new product, called Google Assistant with Bard, will soon enter the testing phase and will be released to the public in the coming months.

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