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Engine new chapter, creative imagination such as Hong, Unity Technology Open Day Guangzhou Station ended successfully

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On December 15, the Unity Technology Open Day ended at Guangzhou Railway Station. As the finale of this year's Unity Technology Open Day series, the event not only focused on sharing the core technology achievements of Unity in 2023, but also had in-depth exchanges with the vast number of Unity developers in Guangdong, and jointly looked forward to the technology layout in 2024.

Zhang Junbo, CEO of Unity China, said that Unity has become an iconic platform for the development of games and real-time interactive content, and there is no lack of Made with Unity's game works, whether it is the Oscar TGA of the gaming industry or the top 10 list released by the Game work Committee. At the same time, Unity technology is increasingly widely used in automotive and industrial fields, which shows the vigorous vitality of real-time 3D technology. Unity China will continue to carry out technical iterations to provide creative momentum for various industries.

Unity China CEO Zhang Junbo

Unity technology major update, "Unity engine" will be available for download soon.

Unity invests nearly half of its revenue every year in technology research and development to ensure that engine technology is always ahead. During this technology open day, the technical instructor of Unity China introduced the latest development of the local engine "Unity engine" and the next long-term supported engine "Unity 6".

Unity engine is a version of the engine launched by Unity China for the local market. After four months of testing, it will be officially available to all developers in 2024. Adhering to the concept of serving local developers, Unity engine actively adapts to domestic science and technology platforms. It not only achieves platform-level strategic cooperation with Open Atomic Open Source Association to fully support the OpenHarmony operating system, but also keenly perceives the rise of Mini Game track and develops its own target platform for Wechat Mini Game. At the same time, in the face of the great changes in the industry brought about by AI technology, Unity engine will also launch a chat and dialogue product in the engine editor, Unite Muse, based on the local large language model, and use AI technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency for developers.

Unity engine has fully supported the OpenHarmony operating system

In 2024, the latest long-term support version of the engine "Unity 6" will be released soon, which provides technical support for the new WebGPU graphics back-end, allowing developers to run Unity games anywhere on the Web; and provides a deeper technical deployment for XR content development. At this Open Day event, technical experts from Unity China introduced in detail the technical route, rendering performance and VFX special effects of Unity 6.

Scientific and technological innovation + application innovation to open up a new space for game development

The game industry has always been the forerunner of scientific and technological innovation and applied innovation. On the one hand, games continue to collide with cloud computing, AI and other cutting-edge technologies, enabling the game industry to innovate; on the other hand, the game industry actively integrates across borders to open up a new Blue Ocean track to ensure the activity and innovation of the game industry. At this technology open day, technical experts from Unity China shared the two exploration directions of game operation and maintenance staff on cloud and game products on board.

UOS is an one-stop game cloud service solution launched by Unity China for small and medium-sized teams. This solution makes full use of the flexibility and efficiency of cloud computing to help developers build the most secure cloud OPS system at the lowest cost according to the operation and management needs of different projects.

At present, with the popularity of new energy vehicles and the trend of software-defined cars, the trend of game cross-border cars is also gradually revealed. In-car games can bring passengers a more immersive game experience and enrich passengers' fragmented time in the car. To this end, Unity China has also brought automotive intelligent cockpit solutions and solidarity engine version and other products, together with developers to explore the creation path of in-car games.

The audience at Unity Open Day Guangzhou Station listened carefully.

Deeply ploughing the native land and linkage ecology, Unity can endow Chinese creativity

On this open day, technical experts from well-known game teams such as Tencent Interactive Entertainment, Xishanju, FunPlus and small content also launched hard-core technology sharing one after another, covering topics such as performance optimization, screen performance, design process, and so on. These advanced experiences will undoubtedly become valuable technical resources for the developer community to help more developers realize their dreams. At the same time, Supersonic from Unity also shared the popular style design ideas and global distribution strategies of super casual games.

In addition to games, developers are increasingly applying Unity to meta-universe, XR, industrial manufacturing, digital twins and other fields, promoting the process of digitization and 3D in various industries. At this meeting, technical experts from Superdimensional and Rokid deeply discussed the application of virtual human on meta-cosmic social platform and the topic of AR ecological construction.

Unity Open Day Guangzhou Station site

As one of the most widely used 3D rendering engines in the world, Unity has more than 3 million developers in China, forming a rich and creative developer ecology, including growing small and medium-sized teams. To this end, Unity China launched the Dark Horse Program to provide these teams with technical support, product discounts, marketing and other resources to help them succeed. At the site of this Technology Open Day, the Dark Horse team brought vibrant project ideas and demonstrated the vitality of Chinese developers.

For a long time, Unity Technology Open Day, as an exchange platform for top talents in the industry, continues to bring developers the most cutting-edge technical information and the most enlightening industry applications to share, and is deeply welcomed and loved by developers. With the end of the Guangzhou Station event, the 2023 Unity Technology Open Day came to a successful conclusion. In 2024, Unite, a larger annual event for Unity developers, will re-enter China after four years. At that time, Unity technology pioneers and creative practitioners from all over the world will gather here to contribute an international Unity technology carnival for Chinese developers and write a new blueprint for real-time 3D technology.

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